Title Page (pdf)
Part I. Signatures Attesting to Compliance
Part II. Institutional Summary Form
Part III. Fifth-Year Compliance Certification
Part V: Impact Report of the Quality Enhancement Plan

SACS Fifth-Year Interim Report (2012)

Part III. Fifth-Year Compliance Certification

  Core Requirement 2.8 (Faculty)
  Core Requirement 2.10 (Student Support Programs)
  Comprehensive Standard 3.2.8 (Qualified Administrative/Academic Officers)
  Comprehensive Standard (Institutional Effectiveness)
  Comprehensive Standard 3.4.3 (Admissions Policies)
  Comprehensive Standard 3.4.11 (Academic Program Coordination)
  Comprehensive Standard 3.11.3 (Physical Facilities)
  Comprehensive Standard 3.13 (Commission on Colleges)
    Comprehensive Standard 3.13.1 (Accrediting Decisions of Other Agencies)
    Comprehensive Standard 3.13.3 (Complaint Procedures Against the Commission or Its Accredited Institutions)
    Comprehensive Standard 3.13.4 (Reaffirmation of Accreditation and Subsequent Reports)
    Comprehensive Standard 3.13.5 (Separate Accreditation for Units of a Member Institution)
  Federal Requirement 4.1 (Student Achievement)
  Federal Requirement 4.2 (Program Curriculum)
  Federal Requirement 4.3 (Publication of Policies)
  Federal Requirement 4.4 (Program Length)
  Federal Requirement 4.5 (Student Complaints)
  Federal Requirement 4.6 (Recruitment Materials)
  Federal Requirement 4.7 (Title IV Program Responsibilities) and Comprehensive Standard 3.10.2 (Financial Aid Audits)
  Federal Requirement 4.8 (Distance Learning Student Authorization)
  Federal Requirement 4.9 (Credit Hour Policies)

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