Enrollment Due Dates

Priority enrollment due date for summer term

Priority enrollment due date for spring semester

Priority enrollment due date for fall semester

Durham Tech has priority enrollment due dates each semester. After completing the online admission application and receiving your student ID number, you should attend a ConnectSession, submit your financial aid forms, take the placement test, and submit all official transcripts before the priority enrollment dates listed above.

The priority enrollment due date is provided to encourage you to complete the admissions process in time for general registration. If you submit all required paperwork by the priority enrollment due date, you can expect the following: to be admitted to the college, have transcripts evaluated in time to meet with your advisor, and have the option to charge tuition and books to financial aid (if you are eligible for an award) at the beginning of general registration for new students.

The key to meeting priority enrollment due dates is to start as early as possible.

If you miss the priority enrollment due date, it may still be possible to get everything submitted in time to register for classes. However, be prepared for the possibility that document processing times could increase significantly during registration times. If you did not meet the priority enrollment due date, you should be prepared to bring official transcripts (sealed in an envelope) to advising and plan to pay for tuition, fees, and books independently during registration.

The college will accept applications up to one week before late advising for the semester in which you wish to enroll.

This is the final deadline for admission into the college each semester.