Student Requirements

Certain programs have specific requirements as outlined below.

CCP/High School Requirements

Career and College Promise (CCP) provides eligible NC high school students the opportunity to earn college credits that may be applied toward the completion of college certificates, diplomas, and associate degrees. Learn more about CCP, including enrollment steps.

International Student (Non-US Citizen) Requirements

As part of our enrollment process, Durham Tech reviews the immigration and residency status of all non-US citizens and provides enrollment advising. Please visit the Center for the Global Learner in the White Building, room 58 to begin this process. We are happy to discuss educational options with students in all immigration statuses, including undocumented students. To schedule an appointment, contact the Center for the Global Learner at or call 919-536-7264, ext. 3228.

For information outlining the admission steps for non-US citizens, view one of the documents below that most applies to you:

A high school diploma or completion of a college degree is required for admission into many of our programs. If you completed high school or college abroad you should have your diploma, certificate, or transcript translated into English and reviewed by the director of International Student Services in the Center for the Global Learner to see if it meets the admissions requirements.

If you would like to receive transfer credit for courses you have taken in college abroad, you must have your transcript professionally evaluated. For a list of local certified professional translation and evaluation agencies, see Translation and Evaluation Services.

International Student Visas (F-1)

Currently, Durham Tech only admits non-US citizens to curriculum programs if they are currently in the US. If you would like to transfer to Durham Tech, are interested in filing for a change of status to a student visa, or are interested in travelling back home to apply for a visa to re-enter the US, please contact the director of International Student Services, at or call 919-536-7264, ext. 3228 to schedule an appointment. More information on F-1 student visas can be found on the Center for the Global Learner web pages.

Health Technologies Requirements

Many health technology programs have additional admission requirements and limited enrollments. Some programs, including nursing, have competitive admission processes. To learn more, you should attend a Health Technology Information Session.

Each health technology program also has a detailed information page, which includes admission checklists. Visit the programs of study page and choose your area of interest to get started.

One specific requirement for many health technology programs is current placement test scores. Even if you have a college or advanced degree, you may be required to take a placement test if you have not done so within the last five years. Contact the Testing Center for more details 919-536-7200, ext. 1109.

Please note that health technology programs also have an English language requirement. Read more about this in the Health Technologies section.