Need only a Course or Two?

visiting student

Each year, many students enroll for just a course or two to complete prerequisites for graduate or professional programs, explore new career options, or improve their prospects for advancement in their current careers by augmenting computer skills, writing proficiency, or foreign language fluency. The diversity of our students and their myriad of reasons for enrolling in Arts and Sciences courses add to the academic richness of our classrooms.

Pre-professional and career students who have no plans to complete the Associate in Arts or Associate in Science degree must take no more than 18 credit hours total and use these credits for personal or professional enrichment.

Students who plan to attend Durham Tech for the first time and have fewer than 12 credit hours of college-level course work from another college must complete an enrollment application and attend a ConnectSession. Refer to New to Durham Tech? for more information.

Students with 12 credit hours of college-level course work or who have attended Durham Tech in the past, should visit the advising and registration section for more information about advising, registration, and documenting prerequisites.