Why Should You Become an Official ASUT Student?

Get an advisor. As an enrolled Arts, Sciences, and University Transfer (ASUT) student, you will be assigned an experienced advisor – an advocate who can assist you with planning your courses and ensuring you take the courses you need to graduate and to transfer.

Register early. Enrolled program students register for classes first. You can usually get the courses and schedule you want because you can register on the first two "bonus" days of telephone registration for each semester.

Have a plan. Enrolled ASUT students receive a plan of study that outlines the kinds and number of courses in each discipline that a student must take to graduate and to transfer.

Qualify for scholarships. Durham Tech offers a number of substantial financial scholarships to eligible students who are enrolled in the ASUT program.

Transfer as a junior and save money. Students who complete the Associate in Arts or Associate in Science degrees can transfer to UNC institutions (and a number of private institutions) as juniors, as long as they meet all other admissions requirements. Your first two years will be a bargain with Durham Tech's lower tuition.

What Can You Do With an Associate's Degree?

The NC Comprehensive Articulation Agreement allows students who have completed an AA or an AS degree at a North Carolina community college (and who meet all other admissions requirements) to enter public four-year institutions as juniors.

Not all students who earn associate's degrees immediately transfer to complete their last two years of college. Other reasons to earn an associate's degree include the following:

  • You can include a recognized degree on your résumé or job applications, which might distinguish you from other applicants. A completed degree tells prospective employers that you have taken your education seriously.
  • You may be eligible for promotions or raises at your place of employment. Many employers use degrees as prerequisites for pay-scales and positions.
  • You may be eligible for more jobs. Some positions require at minimum an associate’s degree. Broader opportunities will be available for you.
  • Education pays in higher earnings and lower unemployment rates according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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