2015 Excellence in Support Services Award

TKaren McPhaul and President Ingramhe Excellence in Support Services Award at Durham Tech is an presented to non-faculty employees. It is designed to promote excellence and innovation and to encourage employee dedication in service to Durham Tech. It seeks to acknowledge those employees whose contributions are of sufficient magnitude to be recognized by their peers, supervisors, and subordinates. Through such recognition, we hope to convey to employees that the college recognizes, values, and rewards extraordinary efforts and unique accomplishments that go beyond outstanding job performance.

Karen McPhaul, Senior Director, Instructional Technologies, is the recipient of the 2015 Excellence in Support Services Award.

Faculty know if they need something related to teaching and technology they can always count on Karen. Because of her attention to service, she positively affects the teaching practices of faculty who interact with her, thus improving the learning experience for students as well.

She serves on the Sakai Teaching and Learning Group, an open group of higher education practitioners who want to innovate and share best practices in teaching and learning with Sakai.

Her dedication to supporting excellent teaching and learning extends beyond the Durham Tech campus; the NCCCS system benefits from her expertise and willingness to lead.

Karen represents Durham Tech on the NCCCS Office Virtual Learning Committee (VLC) Streaming Media Research Team. She participates with the North Carolina Community College Association of Distance Learning (NC3ADL) and has served as president of this organization in the past.

Her committee and leadership appointments to the Distance Learning Advisory Committee, Learning Management Taskforce, and SACSCOC 5th Year and Reaffirmation Taskforces demonstrate the college’s trust in this staff person to take initiative and be innovative to the college’s benefit.

Karen is dedicated to helping faculty identify and use low cost and low barrier technology tools to improve their instruction.  She provide annual workshops to introduce faculty and staff to software, web-based supports, and apps that have improved teaching and service.


2014 Excellence in Support Services Award

Tina Bryant-AllenThe Excellence in Support Services Award at Durham Tech seeks to acknowledge those employees whose contributions are of sufficient magnitude to be recognized by their peers, supervisors, and subordinates. The award acknowledges those employees whose contributions are of sufficient magnitude to be recognized by their peers, supervisors, and subordinates.

Tina Bryant-Allen, Coordinator, Institutional Assessment, Planning and Policy in Research, Evaluation, Assessment, and Planning, is the recipient of the 2014 Excellence in Support Services Award.

The candidate should demonstrate outstanding performance in service to Durham Technical Community College or in one or more categories, including dedication, innovation, collaboration, safety/heroism, human relations, excellence, and other achievements. Tina was nominated in five of these seven categories. Her nomination was based on her work with the following:

  • Planned and facilitated a four-month, college-wide listening tour (gathered supportive data for the revision of the college’s strategic plan).
  • Managed the seven Continuous Improvement Work Teams that were charged with addressing the issues identified during the listening tour.
  • Assumed the responsibilities associated with coordinating the college’s policy and procedure process (including the development of the template and work flow).
  • Assumed the responsibilities for coordinating the college’s Service Area and Program Review processes.
  • Coordinated the revision of the college’s general education learning outcomes (GELOs).
  • Began the process for aligning the planning and budgeting processes as the chair for the college’s Planning Council.
  • Provided curriculum mapping presentations (Fall 2013 and Spring 2014) in the Teaching and Learning Center.
  • Co-authored an article for the Learning Matters (Volume 6, Number 1, Spring 2014) publication.
  • Served as a peer reviewer (Institutional Effectiveness) for SACSCOC (on-site review team, Fall 2013).
  • Co-presented at the SACSCOC Annual Meeting (Atlanta, Fall 2014).
  • Demonstrated continued dedication to the concept that the more people involved in the creation and implementation of projects, the better the outcomes of those projects will be.

Mary Kennery

2013 Excellence in Support Services Award

The Excellence in Support Services Award at Durham Tech is an award presented to non-faculty employees who promote excellence, innovation, and dedication in service to the students and to the larger community of Durham Technical Community College. The award acknowledges those employees whose contributions are of sufficient magnitude to be recognized by their peers, supervisors, and subordinates. Mary Kennery, Library Technician, Technical Services is the recipient of the 2013 Excellence in Support Services Award.

Due to a vacant position at the Orange County Campus, Mary has been working both on Main Campus and at OCC for 4.5 years – two to three days per week at each place.  She takes books and DVDs back and forth from Main to OCC for cataloging. In the 2011 fiscal year, she cataloged 2,862 books and DVDs. In the 2012 fiscal year, she catalogued and processed, 4,894 books and DVDs. She also orders all library materials and supplies for three campus libraries, maintains accurate records of funds, and processes all invoices. In addition to this, this year’s recipient is proactive about personally carrying materials between the two campuses, allowing students and staff to get needed items more quickly. 

Many classes at OCC are held at night, after the library has closed at 6 p.m.  Mary frequently arranges instruction classes after hours, so students can learn to take advantage of the library’s resources.

Two years ago, Mary volunteered to serve as an advisor for Business Administration even though she was already working two jobs at two different campuses. She now has 77 assigned advisees.

Mary has contributed to the community by volunteering to staff the Durham Tech table for Hillsborough Hog Day and Chapel Hill’s Festifall as well as participating on the Durham Tech team for the American Center Society’s Relay for Life in Orange County. She crocheted 20 blankets for Project Linus and donated new items for the OCC clothing drive. She has volunteered with projects for Martin Luther King celebrations. She was part of the Big Read planning committee and organized the Big Read event at the Orange County Campus in 2008.


2012 Excellence in Support Services Award

Melissa ChappellMelissa Chapell, Assistant Director, Durham Tech Foundation; Coordinator, Scholarship Program; and Social Media Manager, Marketing and Communications, is the 2012 Excellence in Support Services Award recipient at Durham Tech. Melissa is known for her CAN-DO attitude and an ability to problem solve, forge relationships with key stakeholders, and give attention to detail. Her unselfish dedication to duty goes far and above normal expectations. Just a few examples follow: She has worked diligently to streamline a number of processes for the DTCC Foundation through the use of technology. She has created an online application for scholarship applicants that saves time for student and faculty, created a bog about scholarships, and uses Twitter and Facebook to keep students informed. She not only suggested the college participate in the Great Human Race to help fundraise for a matching grant for DreamKeepers, our emergency student loan program, she headed up the effort as you heard earlier. She takes on additional responsibilities while routinely going above and beyond in her daily duties.

The Durham TechFoundation has been converting to a new fundraising software package to better manage our donor relationships. This employee has served as the project leader for this conversion. She also took it upon herself to research viable options that enabled us to use PayPal as a temporary solution for being able to accept online donations to the Durham Tech foundation.

This employee has collaborated with Student Services and Financial Aid staff, in particular, and Business Office staff to help students receive scholarship funds directly into their accounts rather than through a check awarded once or twice a year. Also, thanks to the efforts of this employee, students no longer have to apply for each specific scholarship they are seeking, which can be a time-consuming process. One scholarship application now allow the student to be considered and possibly matched by the Scholarship Review Team with multiple scholarships. This employee recruits members of the Scholarship Review Team and then manages the scholarship recipient selection process.

For consistently applying her knowledge, skills, and abilities in so many ways to make Durham Tech a better place and to make the Durham Tech Foundation more efficient, responsive, and transparent to donors and to the faculty and staff of Durham Tech, we are pleased to recognize Melissa Chappell as the 2012 Excellence in Support Services Award recipient.


2011 Excellence in Support Services Award

Patrick Hines with Dr. IngramPatrick Hines, database manager in Research, Evaluation, Assessment, and Planning , is the 2011 Excellence in Support Services Award recipient at Durham Tech. Patrick routinely goes above and beyond in responding to inquiries and needs of college staff and faculty. In doing so, he supports the ideals, philosophy and mission of the college by implementing processes and frequently optimizing the use of technology that increases efficiency and accountability. As examples, he has assisted Human Resources with streamlining the payroll transmittal and contract writing processes, has implemented and integrated the planning and budgeting databases of PIP and BEST, as well as the student learning outcomes database. He has implemented the use of Class Climate for in-house student evaluations of instruction and automated several of those processes, and has assisted with implementation of Informer reporting software. He frequently is at work beyond his scheduled work hours and/or works at home to accomplish the goals he has set for himself.

Patrick has found ways to automate a majority of the processes required in both generating and compiling surveys, significantly reducing staff time for the college. He is ingenious in his use of both QueryBuilder and Informer software products and frequently supplements them with his own knowledge of programming code. The efficiencies resulting from consolidation of budgeting and planning processes through the BEST and PIP databases are largely attributable to this employee’s ingenuity.

In addition, he shares his talents as a member of the Techtonics, serves on Planning Council, serves as an advisor to the student gaming organization, and has established the online tracking system for this year’s Year of Service participation hours. He voluntarily tracked and compiled the performance of all teams participating in the Wellness Challenge last year. 

Patrick makes technology understandable for technophobes and works patiently with those less technologically advanced so we can learn and benefit from technology. All the while, he does this without sounding patronizing or condescending.

He settles for nothing short of excellence in virtually all that he does. For all of this, we are thankful and pleased to recognize Patrick Hines, database manager in the Research, Evaluation, Assessment, and Planning Department, as the 2011 Excellence in Support Services Award recipient.

Julie Humphrey2010 Excellence in Support Services Award

Durham Tech instructors are on the front lines, teaching and encouraging students in the classroom. Support Services staff perform duties that are not in the limelight, but just as crucial. These employees help students enroll, guide them through the financial aid process, explain advising, keep track of their records, and much more. They make the campus run. 

Julie Humphrey, Reference Librarian at Durham Tech's Main Campus, is this year’s recipient of the Excellence in Support Services Award. Julie takes extra time to work with students, helping each students find materials that fit their needs and abilities. When a concern was raised about helping students with lower reading abilities find books that they could enjoy and understand, she carefully went through the library collection and compiled a list of books that students can use.

Julie has taught ACA 122 College Transfer Success for the last six semesters.She also took the lead in producing, editing, and updating the library’s publication How to Cite Sources in both MLA and APA styles for most of the annual revisions since it was created in 1999. The booklet is used by countless Durham Tech students and instructors every semester.

Julie is the only member of the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) Committee who has served since its inception in 2005. She compiled and updated the list of library books and audiovisual materials for the QEP web site to support faculty efforts to enhance students’ written and oral communication skills.

Julie's patience and dedication makes her one of Durham Tech’s outstanding staff members.

Past Award Recipients

Robin Lamb Candice Capers Tina Webb Megan Nicholson
2009: Robin Lamb, Student Information Systems Administrator 2008: Candice Capers
Coordinator, Publications and Advertising
2007: Tina Webb, Advising, Counseling, and Student Development Dept. 2006: Megan Nicholson. User Services Specialist/Secretary
Sylvia Hunt Cynthia Davis Charles Hunt
2005 Sylvia Hunt, Admissions Specialist 2004 Cynthia Davis, Secretary/Receptionist, Continuing Education 2003 Charles Hunt, Directory, General Accounting
2002: Deborah Maloney, Financial Aid Specialist (not pictured) 2001: Jim Watkins, Programmer/Analyst (not pictured) 2000: Dolly Moser, Student Records Assistant (not pictured)

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