Commencement at Durham Tech

graduation photo 2 Check back for the date for spring 2015
Durham Performing Arts Center (DPAC)
123 Vivian Street, Durham, NC 27701
Driving Directions (pdf)
Guest Protocol

Schedule of Graduation Activities

Step One: Purchase your graduation outfit.

Pay the $24 fee at the Cashier's Window, White Building, lobby area. Then bring your receipt to pick up your graduation outfit in the Dean’s office, Wynn Center, room 1309. Call 919-536-7207 x1418 if you need to make special arrangements.

Step Two: Attend the required rehearsal.

10:30 a.m., Durham Performing Arts Center

Clear your calendar of all other obligations so that you’ll be able to attend rehearsal and feel prepared for the commencement ceremony. The rehearsal will only last one hour and 15 minutes. All students who wish to participate in the Commencement Ceremony must be present at the graduation rehearsal. The rehearsal is the only opportunity that students have to learn about the protocol for the evening commencement. Graduation rehearsal will be at the Durham Performing Arts Center. View the Driving Directions. Plan to arrive a few minutes early since parking is not immediately next to the Arts Center.

Step Three: Line up by 4 p.m. to participate.

4 p.m., Durham Performing Arts Center

By 4 p.m., you must be in the line up for the commencement ceremony according to programs and degrees. If you are not in line at this time, you may not be able to walk across the stage to receive your degree, diploma or certificate. The Commencement Ceremony begins promptly at 4:30 p.m. The ceremony generally lasts 90 minutes.

Graduation Application Deadline:

The graduation application deadline will be listed here in April. All students who have applied for graduation and received a letter that details the remaining requirements (if any) for degree, certificate, or diploma completion. If your letter indicated that you had issues that are unresolved, these should be discussed and cleared with the the Student Information and Records office (Wynn Center, room 1203) as soon as possible so that all issues are resolved.

Deadline for Late Graduation Participants: TBA

Students may have situations that require them to be cleared for graduation after the normal deadlines.You must visit the Dean's office, room 1309 of the Wynn Center (919-536-7207, ext. 1418), to make late arrangements as soon as possible. We will do everything possible to include you in the ceremony.

Award Covers:

If you have already received your degree, diploma, or certificate and wish to participate in the commencement ceremony, bring your award cover with you when you come to pick up your cap and gown (details above). The college will give you another cover (without additional cost) at commencement.

Guest Admission for Commencement:

Admission to the Commencement is by TICKET ONLY. Each graduating student will receive a total of six guest tickets when he or she receives the cap and gown. Each guest will require a ticket to enter the Performing Arts Center. DPAC staff will scan each ticket, and the ticket cannot be used a second time. Children and infants attending as guests will be counted as one of the six guests requiring a ticket. Seating is limited due to fire code restrictions placing a maximum limit on the number of occupants.

Disability Accommodations:

Graduating students with documented disabilities requesting accommodations during the ceremony (e.g. interpreters for persons with hearing impairments or alternate print materials for persons with visual impairments, etc.) should contact the disability services counselor at 919-536-7208, ext. 1409 prior to May 1 to make these arrangements. The college may not be able to properly accommodate requests received after this date.

Guests of graduates requesting the following type of assistance: seating and mobility concerns, wheelchair access, and hearing amplification can make a request directly to the DPAC.

Honors Recognition:

graduation photo 3 Students graduating with high cumulative grade point averages in program courses will be recognized as honor students. Honors are calculated according to the cumulative GPA of the student's courses in the program of study, not by the total cumulative GPA of all classes taken at Durham Tech. There are two potential ways that an honor student is recognized at commencement. First, in the commencement program, all students who graduate with a program GPA of 3.25 or higher are indicated on the graduation program with an asterisk indicating that they are Cum Laude (honors) graduates. Second, all those students who have a program GPA of 3.75 or higher receive honor cords indicating Magna Cum Laude (high honors), which should be worn over the gown during the commencement ceremony. Students graduating from a college associate degree program or a college diploma program with a program GPA of 4.0 indicating Summa Cum Laude (highest honors) will receive an honor medallion, which will be worn over the gown during the commencement ceremony.

Graduation Outfit Requirements:

The colors of the caps and gowns are black and gold. To participate in the ceremony, graduating students must wear a commencement cap and gown. Students should not use borrowed or previous years’ caps or gowns that were green. Previous years’ caps and gowns may not match the current selection. If you have a question about this issue, please contact the Dean's office at 919-536-7207, ext. 1418.

Cultural or Religious Accommodations:

Students with questions or requests involving the commencement ceremony that are related to religious or cultural concerns should make these requests to allow adequate time for the college to respond appropriately to their requests. For more information, please call 919-536-7207, ext. 1418.

Additional Fees

College Graduation Fee: $15

This fee pays for the official copy of your degree, diploma or certificate and one cover.

College Graduation Outfit: $24

This fee pays for the graduation gown, cap, and one tassel.

Financial Hardship:

This is an important day. Durham Tech wants every student who would like to participate to take part in the ceremony. If you would like to participate but cannot afford the graduation outfit fee, please visit the Dean's office, Wynn Center, room 1309, or call 919-536-7207, ext. 1418 to discuss your request.

Graduate Photos:

PhotoSpecialties, Inc. will be present at the commencement ceremony and will take a picture of you as you receive your diploma and when you exit the stage. Every student will be photographed, but you have no obligation to purchase these photos. Students interested in receiving the proofs of their photos will have the opportunity to provide contact information when they pick up their cap and gown.

Class Rings:

Herff Jones is our new vendor. To purchase personalized items such as announcements, rings, frames, etc., visit and make payment online. Class rings will also be available for sale when you pick up your graduation outfit in the Dean's office, Wynn Center, room 1309. Students who purchase a ring on these dates normally receive the ring prior to the commencement ceremony.