Career and College Promise Pathways and Programs

Career and Technical Education Pathway

Earn credits toward a certificate, diploma, or degree and gain entry-level job skills. View the eligibility requirements for the Career and Technical Education Pathway.

Applied Technologies

Applied Technologies refers to the delivery of products or services that have a practical purpose or use. Durham Tech offers programs in architecture, automotive, electronic engineering, and welding, with more certificate areas currently under development.


This pathway prepares students for careers to provide quality care and education to children from infancy to age eight in settings such as child care centers, nursery schools, kindergartens, child development centers, hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, museums, camps, and recreational centers.

Health Technologies

This pathway prepares students for careers in highly skilled, high-demand areas such as clinical trials, and medical, dental, and nursing assistant. Learn tocompile, process, analyze, apply, maintain, and report critical health information in a hands-on setting.

Information Technologies

Students learn skills in networking, web design, programming, logic, terminology, computer hardware and software, and much more in a variety of certificateoptions leading to stimulating high-tech careers.

Public Safety

Public Safety addresses the serious responsibility of preventing and protecting the general public from danger. These career pathways include fire protection,criminal justice, emergency management, and emergency medical science.


Students learn translation and interpretation skills through role-play and ethical case studies while using customized software and equipment. Students explore the processes to become officially certified by an accrediting body and learn about professional networking both in the Carolinas and at the national level.

College Transfer Pathway

College-ready high school juniors and seniors can begin working on a bachelor’s degree by earning college credits now.

  • Students receiving credit for the “College Transfer Pathway” requires the completion of specific semester hours of defined college transfer (CT) courses.
  • DPI and the State Board of Education require that all college transfer courses receive weighted honors credit when college courses are applied to high school transcripts.
  • Advanced Placement credit will be:
    • Used with qualifying scores to satisfy course prerequisites;
    • Used toward the completion of transfer pathway and future completion of appropriate college degree; and
    • In some cases, with qualifying scores and other objective criteria, to demonstrate college readiness.

Cooperative Innovative High School Pathway

  • Middle College High School (MCHS) and City of Medicine Academy (CMA), both in Durham Co. but available to Orange Co. Schools and Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools students also, are the two cooperative innovative high schools with which Durham Tech works.
  • MCHS represents a partnership between the Durham Public Schools, Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools, and Orange County Public Schools systems, and Durham Technical Community College. MCHS is located on Durham Tech's main campus and is currently open to qualified high school juniors and seniors who are able to complete honors high school courses while also enrolled in college courses for credit. CMA represents a partnership between Durham Public Schools and Durham Technical Community College; however, students from other school systems are considered for admission if certain criteria are met. CMA is located across the street from Durham Regional Hospital where its students in grades 9-12 are prepared in a rigorous academic environment and through hands-on health care experiences for demanding careers in various medical communities.
  • You may learn about opportunities at Middle College High School at
  • You may learn about opportunities at City of Medicine Academy at