Academic EFL English as a Foreign Language

What are Academic EFL courses?

EFL students group meeting Many English language learners enter the community college and are required to take pre-curriculum courses because of their test scores. Academic EFL courses offer students a way to improve their skills in reading and writing in Standard Academic US English. These classes differ from ESL classes because in ESL classes the focus is on everyday social English with only a minimal focus on the academic expectations in reading and writing.

Academic EFL classes are taught at the college level, so all assignments are authentic college writing and reading assignments even at the lowest levels. Students are also given the chance to acclimate to the cultural expectations of the college environment.

In the past, EFL students were directed to take DRE classes because that was the only place for them. Research has shown that DRE classes are not the best option for EFL students and a pre-curriculum program designed especially for language learners is the better way to serve our students in order to provide a pathway to successful completion of their course of study. Therefore, from this point forward, EFL students should not be advised to take DRE classes when they test below curriculum level in reading and/or writing.