Why Study/Travel Abroad?

Pichincha VolcanoStudying abroad is not a luxury. It helps prepare individuals to compete in the global job market. If you plan to become a service provider, you are likely to work with people from all over the world. Major corporations and organizations are becoming increasingly globalized. Individuals who want to be competitive in the current global job market need the skills learned from experiencing a world different from their own.

Study abroad is essential to an individual’s education because it builds awareness of a career’s global aspect and develops self-reliance, independent thinking, and job skills. When hiring, employers strongly desire problem solving and analytical skills, cross-cultural competency, and the ability to work well with individuals from different cultures.

Students who want to transfer to a four-year university after completing their program at Durham Tech can earn transferable credits and strengthen their university applications by participating in a study abroad program.

Pichincha Volcano Machu Picchu, Peru