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Durham ConnectFunds

In November 2011, Durham voters passed a 1/4 cent sales and use tax for education to support quality educational opportunities for pre-kindergarten through college aged students throughout the county. As a result, Durham Technical Community College can expand its financial aid opportunities through work-study programs and can provide grants for hundreds of recent Durham County graduates and Durham County residents who demonstrate financial need.

Known as Durham ConnectFunds, these financial awards are designed to assist individuals who need further education, career training, or retraining. ConnectFunds may be used for some continuing education programs as well as for curriculum courses. The number of qualifying students and award amounts vary based on studentsí needs and qualification guidelines, but it is anticipated more than 300 students will receive awards up to $2,500 per year.

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Please Note: ConnectFunds have been exhausted for this fiscal year. Please check back beginning in August as new funds are expected to become available.

ConnectFunds Work-Study Option

Do you need part-time employment to supplement need-based financial aid? While this type of aid may provide funding for tuition, books, fees, and some living expenses, you may still still need additional financial support while attending classes, doing homework, and participating in important college activities. Durham Work-Study ConnectFunds help you earn money while staying in school, learning new skills and valuable workplace success behaviors, both of which are critical for securing future employment or university enrollment.

ConnectFund Grants Options

Are you experiencing heavy course loads that demand long hours in class in addition to clinical experiences or internships? Are you seeking part-time employment or considering taking out loans to pay for your education? Durham ConnectFund Grants can provide you with financial support, so you can focus on your studies, complete academic programs, and begin employment in high-demand career fields. ConnectFunds Grants are also available for certain programs of study in Durham Tech's Continuing Education division. A variety of educational opportunities are offered leading to certifications in the allied health field, public service, the biosciences, and professional skills development.