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Faculty and Staff Departmental Directory


Career and Technical Programs

Dean and Department Head Charlene West 403 Newton 8159 westc@durhamtech.edu
Departmental Secretary Jamia McIver-Eshiet 401 Newton 8156 mciverj@durhamtech.edu
Coordinator, Work-Based Education Programs Micara Lewis 100D NDC 4406 lewism@durhamtech.edu
Program Assistant Victoria Deaton 43 White 8065 deatonv@durhamtech.edu

Applied Technologies

  Chair Dr. Patrick Coin 411 Newton 8059 coinpg@durhamtech.edu

Architectural Technology

      Coordinator/Instructor Richard Lawrence 439 Newton 8143 lawrencer@durhamtech.edu

Automotive Systems Technology

      Coordinator/Instructor Nathan Smith 435 Newton 8144 smithn@durhamtech.edu
      Program Assistant William "Bill" Creech, Jr.   8189 creechb@durhamtech.edu
      Instructor Ward Taylor III CHHS 8147 taylorw@durhamtech.edu
      Instructor Rew Wilson 440 Newton 8190 wilsonr@durhamtech.edu

Biomedical Equipment Repair

      Coordinator/Instructor Gregory Mimmack 428 Newton 8142 mimmackg@durhamtech.edu

Computer Integrated Machining

      Coordinator/Instructor Roy Stallings 434 Newton 8145 stallingsr@durhamtech.edu

Electrical Systems Technology

      Coordinator/Instructor John Crutchfield 406 Newton 8140 crutchfieldj@durhamtech.edu

Electronics Engineering Technology

      Coordinator/Instructor Gregory Mimmack 428 Newton 8142 mimmackg@durhamtech.edu
      Instructor Tim Woo 433 Newton 8148 woot@durhamtech.edu

Environment, Health and Safety Technology

      Coordinator/Instructor Dr. Patrick Coin 411 Newton 8059 coinpg@durhamtech.edu

Industrial Systems Technology

      Coordinator/Instructor, Welding Roy Stallings 434 Newton 8145 stallingsr@durhamtech.edu

Business Technologies and Education Programs

      Chair Micara Lewis 39 White 4406 lewism@durhamtech.edu


      Coordinator/Instructor Suzanne Laudadio 31 White 8067 laudadios@durhamtech.edu
      Instructor Sue Dutta 40 White 8061 duttas@durhamtech.edu
      Instructor Janice Kerber 42 White 8066 kerberj@durhamtech.edu

Business Administration

Alecia Lawrence
33 White
      Instructor LaTonya Steele 37 White 8064 steelel@durhamtech.edu

Early Childhood Education

      Coordinator/Instructor Ilene Britt 803D 8057 brittI@durhamtech.edu
      Instructor Vanessa Spence 803E 8070 spencev@durhamtech.edu
      Instructor Marye Vance 803F 8115 vancem@durhamtech.edu

Paralegal Technology

      Coordinator/Instructor Susan Sutton 41 White 8071 suttons@durhamtech.edu

Information Technologies

      Chair Thomas Murphy 968 Tech Center 8157 > murphyt@durhamtech.edu

Computer Programming and Applications

      Coordinator/Instructor Thomas Murphy 968 Tech Center 8157 murphyt@durhamtech.edu
      Instructor Moazzem Hossain 966 Tech Center 8154 hossainm@durhamtech.edu
      Instructor John Hurlburt 971 Tech Center 8155 hurlburtj@durhamtech.edu
      Instructor Donnie (Don) Sommerfeldt 970 Tech Center 8169 sommerfd@durhamtech.edu
      Instructor Charlene West 973 Tech Center 8159 westc@durhamtech.edu

Office Systems Technologies

      Coordinator/Instructor Joan Brown 972 Tech Center 8150 brownj@durhamtech.edu

Information Systems Security and Networking Technologies

      Coordinator/Instructor Harry Bulbrook 429 Newton 8151 bulbrookh@durhamtech.edu
      Instructor A. Michele Parrish 420 Newton 8158 parrishm@durhamtech.edu
      Instructor Scott Neal 410 Newton 8082 neals@durhamtech.edu


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