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Faculty and Staff Departmental Directory


Library – 536-7211

Assistant Dean/Director Irene Laube 507B ERC 1606 laubei@durhamtech.edu
Assistant Director for Reference and Technical Services Julie Humphrey 506A ERC 1602 humphrej@durhamtech.edu
Librarian, Public Services (on leave) Wendy Ramseur 506A ERC 1607 ramseurw@durhamtech.edu
Librarian, Public Services (temporary) Meredith Lewis 506A ERC 1607 lewisma@durhamtech.edu
Reference Librarian Susan Baker 506 ERC 1611 bakers@durhamtech.edu
Reference Librarian Lauren Havens 506 ERC 1605 havensl@durhamtech.edu
Reference Librarian, NDC Toshi Shonek 506 ERC 4409 shoneks@durhamtech.edu
Library Technician, Technical Services Mary Kennery 507A ERC 4211 kennerym@durhamtech.edu
Library Technician, Public Services Charles Farrow 506 ERC 1610 farrowc@durhamtech.edu

Student Engagement and Transitions – 536-7231

Dean and Department Head Dr. Christine Kelly-Kleese 1211B Wynn 2402 kleesec@durhamtech.edu
Assistant Dean GabbyMcCutchen 1211C Wynn 8083 mccutcheng@durhamtech.edu
Departmental Secretary Alfreda Gregory 1310K Wynn 2404 gregorya@durhamtech.edu

Center for Academic Excellence –  536-7232

  Director/Instructor, Mathematics Dr. Karen Jackson 1310F Wynn 2403 jacksonk@durhamtech.edu

Developmental English and Reading

  Chair/Instructor Robbi Muckenfuss 1310E Wynn 8084 muckenfussr@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor, Developmental English/Reading Lyndsay Al-Shibli 376B Phillips 8073 alshiblil@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor, Developmental English/Reading Cari Borresen 376A Phillips 8076 borresec@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor, Developmental English/Reading D. Tracy Francis 368A Phillips 8079 francist@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor, Developmental English/Reading Sheza Healey 249 Collins 6301 healeys@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor, Developmental English/Reading GabbyMcCutchen 1211C Wynn 8083 mccutcheng@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor, Developmental English/Reading Cara Potter 280 Collins 8090 potterc@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor, Developmental English/Reading Erin Riney 312D Phillips 8078 rineye@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor, Developmental English/Reading Josie Williams 274 Collins 8088 williamsj@durhamtech.edu

Developmental Mathematics

  Chair/Instructor Vernon Bridges II
268A Collins 8077 bridgesv@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor Mark Anderson 273Collins 8074 andersonm@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor Elecia Brown 268C Collins 8085 ridleye@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor Barbara Hughes 273 Collins 8027 hughesb@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor Latosha Pittman 272 Collins 8043 pittmanl@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor James Weeks 268C Collins 8087 weeksj@durhamtech.edu

First Year Experience

  Chair/Instructor Kerry Cantwell 1211C Wynn 8083 mccutcheng@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor, College Success Marjorie "Jayne" Carter-Davis 1309C Wynn 8091 carterdavism@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor, College Success Shana Curl 1200 Wynn 1127 curls@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor, College Success Abraham Dones 1200B Wynn 1107 donesa@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor, College Success Dr. Christine Kelly-Kleese 1211B Wynn 2402 kleesec@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor, College Success Jaclyn A. Krohn OCC 4203 krohnj@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor, College Success Jairo McMican 1200A Wynn 1120 mcmicanj@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor, College Success Gabrielle "Gabby" McCutchen 1211C Wynn 8083 mccutcheng@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor, College Success Audrey Muhammad 1200F Wynn 1110 muhammada@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor, College Success Eliza M. Murphy 1200A Wynn 1124 murphye@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor, College Success Bryan Rufener 1309B Wynn 8029 rufenerb@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor, College Success Svetlana Yokum 217 Collins 8047 yokums@durhamtech.edu

College and Career Readiness – 536-7218

  Assistant Dean Gregory Bellamy 13B White> 3251 bellamyj@durhamtech.edu
  Assistant Registrar O’Keishe Wright 12 White 3105 wrighto@durhamtech.edu
  Chief GED Examiner Linda Meisenbach 12 White 3206 meisenbachl@durhamtech.edu
  Program Assistant for Assessment Willie Mae Johnson 22 White 3001 johnsonw@durhamtech.edu
  Program Assistant/Receptionist Judy Hunter 11 White 3202 hunterj@durhamtech.edu

Gateway to College – 536-7248

    Director Dr. Marguerita Best 13A White 2429 bestm@durhamtech.edu
    Lead Resource Specialist Dr. Dorene Parker 25A White 2427 parkerd@durhamtech.edu
    Resource Specialist Stésha Little 16 White 3002 littles@durhamtech.edu
    Coordinator, AHSD/College Transition Phillip Gowins 23 White 3204 gowinsp@durhamtech.edu
    Instructor, English Janice Stuart 21 White 3209 stuartj@durhamtech.edu
    Instructor, Mathematics Phillip Gowins 23 White 3204 gowinsp@durhamtech.edu
    Instructor Quincy Wright 2 White 3108 wrightq@durhamtech.edu

General Educational Development (GED) – 536-7220

    Director Dr. Marguerita Best 15 White 2429 bestm@durhamtech.edu
    Instructor, GED Naomi Feaste 25 White 3203 feasten@durhamtech.edu
    Chief GED Examiner Linda Meisenbach 12 White 3206 meisenbachl@durhamtech.edu

Adult Basic Education

    Program Director Betty Lyons 17 White 3103 lyonsb@durhamtech.edu
    Instructor Jacqueline Futrell 24White 3102 futrellj@durhamtech.edu
    Instructor Synthia Cooper 26 White 3101 coopers@durhamtech.edu
    Instructor Quincy Wright 2 White 3108 wrightq@durhamtech.edu
    Resource Specialist, Breaking Through Initiative Kenya Harris 14 White 3210 harrisk@durhamtech.edu

Compensatory Education

    Program Director Betty Lyons

17 White

3103 lyonsb@durhamtech.edu

Health Technologies Department – 919-536-7233

    Dean and Department Head Melissa Oakley Ockert 901B Tech Center 8127 ockertm@durhamtech.edu
    Assistant Dean, Allied Health Susan Cheng 927 Tech Center 8103 chengs@durhamtech.edu
    Assistant Dean, Nursing Mark Hand 940A Tech Center 8094 handm@durhamtech.edu
    Departmental Secretary Sandra Grady 901 Tech Center 8112 gradys@durhamtech.edu
    Nursing Programs Assistant Kimberly Robertson 940 Tech Center 8107 robertsk@durhamtech.edu
    Program Assistant/Accreditation Support Specialist Teresa Holder 953C Tech Center 8165 holdert5835 @durhamtech.edu

Associate Degree Nursing

    Assistant Dean, Nursing Mark Hand 940A Tech Center 8094 handm@durhamtech.edu
    Clinical Coordinator/Instructor Lesley Chaffin 940B Tech Center 8101 chaffinl@durhamtech.edu
    Instructor Johnnie A. Bratton 957 Tech Center 8040 brattonj@durhamtech.edu
    Instructor Lois Ballen 922 Tech Center 8095 ballenl@durhamtech.edu
    Instructor Jennifer Fay 959 Tech Center 8097 fayj@durhamtech.edu
    Instructor Joy Hansen 923 Tech Center 8116 hansenj@durhamtech.edu
    Instructor Barbara Jackson 951 Tech Center 8126 jacksonb@durhamtech.edu
    Instructor LaVeshia Johnson 958 Tech Center 8092 johnsolc@durhamtech.edu
    Instructor Jemma Superville 955 Tech Center 8133 supervij@durhamtech.edu
    RIBN Student Success Advocate Stephanie Wiggins 1313G Wynn Center 8185 wigginss@durhamtech.edu

Clinical Trials Research Associate

    Program Director/Instructor Dr. William (Bill) Gluck 969 Tech Center 8131 gluckw@durhamtech.edu
    Instructor Rebecca McClain 949A Tech Center 8096 mcclainr@durhamtech.edu
    Field Coordinator/Instructor Donnetta Miller 978 Tech Center 8121 millerd@durhamtech.edu

Dental Laboratory Technology

    Program Director/Instructor Gregory Walton 219 Collins 8136 waltong@durhamtech.edu
    Instructor Alberto Camacho 224 Collins 8100 camachoa@durhamtech.edu
    Instructor Ricky Glasgow 220 Collins 8111 glasgowr@durhamtech.edu

Health Information Technology

    Program Director/Instructor Jessica Vaughan 967 Tech Center 8193 vaughanj@durhamtech.edu
    Instructor/Professional Practice Experience Coordinator Daveta Strayhorn 953A Tech Center 8125 strayhornd@durhamtech.edu

Medical Assisting

    Program Director/Instructor Angela Breault
960 Tech Center 8098 breaulta@durhamtech.edu
    Instructor Annette Phillips 949A Tech Center 8129 phillipa@durhamtech.edu

Occupational Therapy Assistant

    Program Director/Instructor Susan Cheng 927 Tech Center
8103 chengs@durhamtech.edu
    Clinical Coordinator/Instructor Carol Marcus 931 Tech Center 8120 marcusc@durhamtech.edu
    Instructor Christine Gunnigle 924 Tech Center 8102 gunniglec@durhamtech.edu


    Program Director/Instructor Michael Szczerbiak 32 White 8134 szczerbiakm@durhamtech.edu
    Clinical Coordinator/Instructor Barry Dark 30 White 8106 darkb@durhamtech.edu
    Instructor Tracy Bennett 36 White 8093 bennettt@durhamtech.edu

Pharmacy Technology

    Program Director/Instructor Sandra Covington 914 Tech Center 8104 covingtons@durhamtech.edu
    Clinical Director/Instructor Janice Murphy 915 Tech Center 8113 murphyj@durhamtech.edu
    Instructor Tammie Davis 949A Tech Center 8108 davist@durhamtech.edu

Practical Nursing

    Program Director/Instructor (Interim) Amy Kern 917 Tech Center 8135 kernar@durhamtech.edu
    Clinical Director/Instructor Jerry L. Oxendine 920 Tech Center 8117 oxendinej@durhamtech.edu
    Instructor Cynthia Hardin 920 Tech Center 8114 hardinc@durhamtech.edu
    Instructor Sheryl McCloud 918 Tech Center 8123 mcclouds@durhamtech.edu

Respiratory Therapy

    Program Director Audrey Kern 929 Tech Center 8119 kerna@durhamtech.edu
    Clinical Coordinator/Instructor Janemarie Baker 929 Tech Center 8124 bakerj@durhamtech.edu
    Instructor Andrew Teears 929 Tech Center 8110 teearsaj@durhamtech.edu
    Instructor Diane Usher 926 Tech Center 8109 usherd@durhamtech.edu

Surgical Technology

    Program Director/Instructor Tammy Nelson 961 Tech Center 8118 nelsont@durhamtech.edu>
    Clinical Coordinator/Instructor Jill Roofner 962 Tech Center 8130 roofnerj@durhamtech.edu


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