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March 29, 2016 Board of Trustees Meeting Highlights

  1. 2016 – 17 Student Fees
    The trustees approved a request to increase and change the structure of student fees. Of note, students who enroll in curriculum courses will no longer pay one flat fee. Effective with the registration period for Fall 2016, students will be charged fees using range of credits hours that corresponds with Pell disbursement ranges. Students who register for more credit courses will pay a higher fee than students who register for fewer credit courses. Two documents are attached for information. One document compares the current fees with the new fees, and the other is the complete list of all approved fees.
  2. 2016 – 17 Durham and Orange County Budget Requests
    The trustees reviewed and approved the college’s proposed requests for county funds from Durham and Orange Counties. The president will present the requests to the respective county managers in the upcoming weeks. Of note, both include requests for additional financial support funds for our students. If approved, the college hopes to expand our current ConnectFund initiative to students from Orange County, and expand the range of financial support offerings for Durham opportunity youth.

December 3, 2015 Board of Trustees Meeting Highlights

  1. Academic Freedom and Intellectual Property Policies
    The trustees approved two revisions to the policies governing academic freedom and intellectual property.  Please take time to become familiar with these revised policies and procedures.
  2. 2015 – 16 College Budget
    The trustees reviewed and approved the general college budget for the current operating year.  Of note, the college budget was significantly delayed this year due to delay by the General Assembly to pass the state budget. See attached.
  3. Campus Master Plan
    The trustees endorsed the revisions to the college’s Campus Master Plan, which include visioning of new and renovated buildings ideas for the college for 10 – 20 years in the future.  See the full plan attached.

Note the Board of Trustees calendar for 2016. The next regular meeting of the Board of Trustees is scheduled for Tuesday, March 29, 2016 in the Lyon Board Room on Main Campus.

September 2015 Board of Trustees Meeting Highlights

  1. Termination of Inactive Programs
    The trustees approved the termination of three inactive academic programs: General Occupation Technology Associate Degree, Diploma, and Certificate (A55280, D55280, and C55280); Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology Associate Degree (A60130); and Optical Lab Mechanics Certificate (C45540). No students are currently enrolled in these programs.
  2. Quality Enhancement Plan Endorsement
    After hearing a presentation from Ms. Tina Bryant-Allen about the broad-based student, faculty, and staff engagement process to narrow the topic, the trustees supported and endorsed the college’s choice of the QEP focus topic: “Thinking Critically About Your Academic and Career Choices.”  Next week, the QEP topic development team will take on the challenge of developing and refining this important topic. 
  3. Self-Service Presentation
    Kerry Cantwell and Eliza Murphy energized the trustees with a demonstration of the new functionality of Self-Service – the new integrated advising and planning system currently being piloted in ACA 122 courses.

June 2015 Board of Trustees Meeting Highlights

  1. FERPA Policy and Procedure 
    The trustees approved revisions to the policy and procedures governing the privacy of student records. Changes include updated definitions of directory information. Please take a moment to become familiar with these expectations to ensure compliance and to protect our student’s privacy.
  2. Employee Holidays Policy and Procedure
    The trustees approved revisions to employee holiday policy, which provides for one additional permanent holiday for all full-time employees.Please take a moment to review.
  3. 2015-16 Student Fees
    The trustees approved changes to various student fees. The approved fees for the next academic year are attached.
  4. 2015-16 Staffing Chart
    The trustees approved changes to the staffing chart. The staffing chart, effective July 1, 2015 is attached.

The policies and procedures will soon be available online in the college’s policies and procedures site. 

November 2014 Board of Trustees Meeting Highlights

  1. New Strategic Plan. The board enthusiastically approved the college’s new, aspirational strategic plan. Three new themes and eleven new goals were adopted, along with modifications to the college’s mission statement, vision, purpose, and values. There were no further modifications from the draft that employees reviewed at the most recent Faculty-Staff meeting. See attached. In the next weeks and months, we will begin a process to translate this plan into meaningful activities, determine appropriate metrics, set benchmarks, and determine reasonable timelines to achieve our goals.

  2. Academic Calendars. The board approved the academic calendars for the next two years.

  3. Campus Master Plan. The board granted the president the authority to move forward with hiring an architectural firm to revise the college’s master campus plan.  In the next months, we will engage students, employees, and community stakeholders in a process to update the plan.


September 2014 Board of Trustees Meeting Highlights

  1. Placement Testing - Retesting Policy. The board approved a new placement testing and retesting policy. It's posted in the policies and procedures section.
  2. President’s Plan of Work. Dr. Ingram provided the board with his plan of work for the next few years, highlighting new college goals and continuing several existing ones.
  3. 2014 – 15 College Budget. The board approved the general college budget (the categorical allocations of funding) for the college.
  4. Building Demolition. The board approved a resolution authorizing the college to demolish the Allpack–Fairey Finishing buildings, which are the vacant structures that are located on college property of west the Wynn Center. This demolition is a first step to prepare this site for future college expansion on Main Campus.

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March 25, 2014

December 3, 2013

September 24, 2013

June 11, 2013

March 26, 2013

Meeting minutes prior to these are available from the President's Office by request.