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Employee Handbook Revisions

A Division Head must approve any requested revisions to Employee Handbook information within his/her span of responsibilities and must forward the request for revision to the President and/or his/her duly appointed representative(s). If approved, the directive to make the revision in the Employee Handbook must be communicated in writing, by memorandum or email, to the Senior Vice President, Institutional Advancement and copied to the other members of Executive Council. Executive Council then determines if any further recommendation for revision is necessary and/or verifies when the revision is completed as reflected in the Employee Handbook maintained on the college's website at http://www.durhamtech.edu/faculty/employees/index.htm.

While a printed copy of the Employee Handbook can be obtained by printing from the college’s website, employees are urged to use the Employee Handbook on the website for reference and for printing pages on an “as needed” basis only. This ensures that employees are using current Durham Technical Community College Employee Handbook information. A copy of the Employee Handbook, printed from the website, is maintained in the Human Resources Department and in the Main Campus, Northern Durham Center, and Orange County Campus libraries.

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