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Section III-6: Personnel Records

Personnel File Information Conditions for Examining Personnel Files Change Employee's Information

Personnel File Information

The release of information from employee personnel files is governed by N.C. General Statutes 115D-27 - 30 for community college employees.

Personnel files consist of any information gathered by the employer which relates to the individual's application, selection or non-selection, promotion, demotion, transfer, leave, salary, suspension, performance evaluation, disciplinary action, or termination of employment wherever located or in whatever form.

The following information is open to the general public:

  • Employee's name;
  • Employee's age;
  • Date of employee's original employment or appointment;
  • Employee's current position title;
  • Employee's current salary;
  • Date and amount of most recent increase or decrease in employee's salary;
  • Date of employee's most recent promotion, demotion, transfer, suspension, separation, or other change in position classification; and
  • Office or station to which employee is currently assigned.

Exceptions: When release of additional information is "essential to maintaining public confidence in the administration of [the employer's] services or to maintaining the level and quality of [the employer's] services."

The following information is open to an employee:

  • All contents of his/her personnel file.

Exceptions: Letters of reference solicited prior to employment and medical disabilities that a prudent physician would not disclose to a patient.

Conditions for Examining Personnel Files

The persons who may examine personnel files and/or the conditions for examining personnel files are as follows:

  • Division Heads may examine files of those employees under his/her span of responsibilities and general supervision.
  • Files are open to the college's Trustee members, state and federal officials, and parties with a court order. Contents of files may be viewed as long as the inspection is "necessary and essential to the pursuance of a proper function."
  • An individual who is accompanied by a Division Head may be permitted to examine selected contents in files of employees under the accompanying Division Head's span of control.
  • An Employee is permitted to examine his/her own file.
  • The Affirmative Action Officer has carte blanche access to all employee records.
  • Examination of employee files under any other conditions is not permitted without the President’s authorization.

In all cases, examination of personnel files must take place in the Human Resources Department. No personnel file may be removed from the Human Resources office.

Photocopying of personnel files by anyone other than the employee who photocopies his/her own file requires the President’s authorization.

The following information about the examination of any files is entered on a log in the Human Resources Department to show the following:

  • Name of employee whose file is being examined;
  • Primary requestor and secondary requestor for examination of the file;
  • Person(s) approving examination of the file, if applicable;
  • Staff observer of the examination; and
  • Date and time of examination of the file.

Change of Employee’s Information

Employees must report any change of status to the Human Resources Department and the Business Office as soon as possible after the change takes place. Use the Changes of Personal Information form for changes in address, telephone, name, marital status, dependents, or any other personnel change from the original records established upon employment. Health, life insurance, and retirement records should also be revised after a change of status. These revisions are handled through the Business Office.


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