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I am pleased to present the Durham Technical Community College's Instructional Services Resource Center. This page includes descriptions of the institutional policies and procedures that most directly affect members of the Student Learning, Development, and Support Services Division. Please review the information found here carefully and refer to it often when carrying out your responsibilities for the college.

Durham Tech’s focus is student success. We intend to provide our students with educational opportunities, and with those, the larger opportunity to improve their lives. I am confident that the information found here will help you carry out this extraordinarily important purpose. Please contact Susan Paris, Vice President of Student Learning and Instructional Services, at 919-536-7200, ext. 2011 or pariss@durhamtech.edu if you have any comments or suggestions about this resource page. Meanwhile, thank you for your contributions to Durham Technical Community College.

Susan Paris,
Vice President of Student Learning and Instructional Services

General Education Learning Outcomes

Academic Freedom Statement

Academic Calendar

The Instructional Setting And Related Issues

Faculty Contracts and Schedules

Curriculum Development

Orientation for New Employees
The First Class Meeting
Course Syllabus
Course Outline and Learning Outcomes
Unauthorized Persons in Classes/Labs/Clinicals
Recordkeeping and Document Submission
Preliminary Class Roster and Enrollment Verification
Completion of the Grade/Attendance Form
Academic Honesty and Violation of the Academic Honesty Policy
Student Conduct
Disruptive Behaviors Definition
Response to Disruptive Behavior
Student Grievance Procedure
Cancellation of Classes
Inclement Weather Policy
Rescheduling Canceled Classes
Employee/Instructor Absence
Class Schedules
Basic Assumptions in Scheduling
Course Scheduling Change Forms

Student Support Services

Counseling and Student Development

Counseling Services Referral Process
Services for Students with Disabilities
Career Center

Center for Academic Excellence

Financial Aid

Financial Aid Manual

Center for the Global Learner (International Students)


Student Records

Faculty Teaching Load (see the Employee Handbook)
Expectations of Faculty Members
Excess Teaching Load/Overload Contracts
  Criteria for Creating an Overload Contract
  Process/Procedure for Administering Overload Contracts
Faculty Academic Release Time

Instructional Materials

Acquiring Desk Copies
Ordering textbooks and other materials through the Bookstore
Copy Center Services
College Communication and Style Guide
Teaching-Learning Center

Instructor Evaluation

Performance Review and Evaluation
Instructor Evaluations

Research, Evaluation, Assessment, & Planning

Assistance Requests
Survey Requests
Planning Database
Policies and Procedures

Human Resources

Authorization for Hourly Instructor Form
Employee Handbook
Employee Benefits
Faculty Contract Policy
Faculty/Staff Directories
Staffing Chart
Voluntary Shared Leave Donating or Transferring Leave

Campus Safety and Security

Health and Safety Manual
Emergency Action Plan
Student Conduct Procedures
Crisis Prevention and Intervention
Principles Guiding Curriculum Development
  Competency-Based Education at Durham Tech
  Vision Statement and General Learning Objectives
  Curriculum Online Course Guidelines
Curriculum Changes
  Making local curriculum changes
    Changes to the order of courses in a Plan of Study
    Changes to a local prerequisite or corequisite
    Changes to course outlines
  Making curriculum changes requiring NCCCS approval
    Deleting a course or adding a new course
    Making system-wide changes to a curriculum standard or to the combined course library
  Submission Deadlines to the NCCCS Curriculum Review Committee
  General Guidelines for Program Directors who have students on both a current plan of study and an old plan of study
  Process for Transfer Credit, for Standard Course Substitutions, and for Individual Course Substitutions and Waivers
Development of New Academic Programs
Program Review Resource Manual
  Course and Teacher Evaluations
Scheduling Guidelines
  Section Numbers
  Time increment course increment charts
    16-week course
    15-week course
    10-week course
    8-week course

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