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4. Numerals

4.1 Spelling out numbers

Spell out numbers one through nine. Use numerals for numbers 10 and up.

Examples: I purchased nine computers for the office.
This year, over 200 students will graduate.

Spell out any number which begins a sentence — or rewrite the sentence.

Examples: Twenty-two students will receive honors this year.
This year, 22 students will receive honors.

When listing a ranking, abbreviate and capitalize number and use the numeral; do not use the # sign.

Correct: Durham Tech moved from No. 7 to No. 1 on the list of Best Deals in Community Colleges.
Incorrect: Durham Tech moved from number seven to #1 on the list of Best Deals in Community Colleges.

4.2 Days, months, and years

Spell out numerical designations first through ninth. Use numerals with appropriate letter suffixes for 10th and above.

Examples: During his first semester, he was on the President’s List.
Their 50th anniversary is fast approaching.
On the 61st day, disability pay begins.

Do not use -st, -th, etc. with dates.


She will attend April 27.
She will attend April 27th.

Also, do not use apostrophes with years EXCEPT when numerals have been omitted.


Durham Tech was founded in the 1960s.
Durham Tech was founded in the ‘60s.
Durham Tech was founded in the 1960’s

4.3  Money

Use the dollar sign before the numerals and omit double zeros after the decimal.



For dollar amounts beyond thousands, use the dollar sign, numerals, and appropriate word.


The grant was $14 million.
The budget was $82.6 billion

4.4  Percentages

Express percentages in numerals rather than in words. In tables, give percentages using numerals and the % symbol. In text, use the word percent instead of the symbol. In tables, give percentages using numerals and the % symbol.

Examples: A grade point average of 3.8 is the equivalent of 95 percent.
40% (used in a table)

The % symbol may be used in both tables and text ONLY in scientific and statistical writing.

4.5  Telephone numbers

If the document you are creating is strictly for use by Durham Tech’s faculty and staff, you may omit the area code and/or use the extension abbreviation for on-campus numbers. Always put a comma before the extension and after it if is not the end of the sentence.


If you are interested in participating in the professional development workshop, call ext. 8083.
For information about our RSVP program, call 919-536-7247, ext. 5301, during the week.

If the publication will be sent off campus and/or will be read by our students, include the full number with the area code and no parentheses.

Example:   Marketing and Communications Department: 919-536-7246

If the same number is given several times in one document, you may omit the area code after the first listing.



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