Durham Tech Communication and Style Guide

Please use this guide when writing letters, memos, fliers, reports, email, Internet content, and other written materials for the college.

This guide covers some of the most frequently asked questions about grammar, punctuation, capitalization, official names, and formats. Please use the college’s preferred spellings, titles, and word choices. Your cooperation will help the college present a consistent and unified image to the public and help it accurately convey its mission and goals.

Should you have a question about this material or other information not covered, please call Carver Weaver, ext. 5205.

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Table of Contents

1. Abbreviations

  1.1 Academic degrees and honors  
  1.2 Months
  1.3 Names with Jr., Sr., and III
  1.4 Abbreviated titles preceding names
  1.5 Abbreviated legislative titles
  1.6 Abbreviations of state names

2. Capitalization

  2.1 General
  2.2. County and counties
  2.3 Departments, offices, and divisions
  2.4 Durham Technical Community College’s official name
  2.5 Boards
  2.6 Facilities
  2.7 Names, titles, and degrees
  2.8 Programs and courses
  2.9 Semesters and seasons
  2.10 State and federal
  2.11 Times (a.m. and p.m.)
  2.12 Hyphenated words in text headings, memo references, and column headings

3. Hyphenation

  3.1 Clusters of words
  3.2. Compound nouns

4. Numerals

  4.1 Spelling out numbers
  4.2 Days, months, and years
  4.2 Money
  4.4 Percentages
  4.5 Telephone numbers

5. Plurals and Possessives

  5.1 Names
  5.2 Plurals
  5.3 Irregular plurals
  5.4 Common errors involving possessives

6. Punctuation

  6.1 Colons
  6.2 Commas
  6.3 Parentheses
  6.4 Periods
  6.5 Punctuation with quotation marks
  6.6 Semicolons
  6.7 Spacing after punctuation

7. Preferred Spellings, Word Choices, and URL Listings

  7.1 Preferred spellings
  7.2 Preferred word choices
  7.3 Preferred URL listings

8. Titles of Works

  8.1 Capitalization
  8.2 Punctuation and format

9. Use of of Public Records and Affirmative Action Statements


Public records statement

  9.2 Affirmative Action statement

10. Bullets


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