Effective Innovation Award Winners

2010 – Gregory Walton ($500) – Designed a series of four stone models of the maxillary and mandible jaw that allowed students to use much less wax – and a cheaper wax for their dental lab projects.

Mark Anderson ($500) – Created an electronic open class list for use advisor use during credit registration.
Patrick Hines ($500) – Developed an assistance request database for the services of Research, Evaluation, Assessment, and Planning staff.

2008 – None

2007 – Mary Anne Grabarek ($500) – Founded and directed of The Teaching-Learning Center established in 1999 as a facility dedicated to enhancing teaching and learning excellence for faculty, students, and staff at Durham Technical Community College.

2006 –Robin Lamb ($500) –Created an electronic spreadsheet for the scheduling of classrooms and laboratories in White, Collins, Phillips, Newton, and the Technology Center.

2005 – Dr. Thomas Gould ($500) – Incorporated hybrid course offerings into the curricula with an outcome of increased enrollment, increased student satisfaction, and increased passing rates.

2004 – Wayne Durkee ($250) – Created a CD including the necessary administrative documents and information for new faculty.

Jeremy Portzer ($500) – Created the online Events Calendar system and trained the contact personnel.
Dale Smith ($500) – Created a computer-assisted instruction booklet to assist faculty and students in identifying and utilizing the many excellent software programs available in the Health Technology Computer Lab.
Phyllis Spray ($250) and Becky Roehrs ($250) – Identified the need for online noncredit computer offerings and researched possible solutions that led to determining Ed2Go as the best vendor.

2002 – Daniele Jackson ($500) – Created an online writing center for students taking an online course (with Blackboard access) and providing real-time advice about specific writing assignments as well as allowing students access to other writing center links across the country.

2001 – None

2000 – Ken Hill ($500) and Cami Kinahan ($500) – Restructured the Paralegal Technology courses.

1999 – None

Sol Levine ($250) – Implemented computer use in CHM 151 for real-time data collection and analysis.
Patrick Coin ($250), Perry Cumbie ($250) and Ellen Stoner ($250) – Developed and delivered Durham Tech’s first online instruction.
Rita Buhr ($500) – Developed the business writing Career Communication unit for ENG 111 classes.

1997 – Leigh Wynkoop ($500) – Provided innovative and exhaustive efforts in tutoring a blind student through six consecutive levels of mathematics.

Teepa Snow ($350) and Diana Bond ($350) – Developed a multimedia authoring system and faculty training schedule for the Health Technologies Department.
Marianne Williams ($350) and Peter Wooldridge ($350) – Created a Learning Lab to assist students in PSY 151.
Phyllis Johnson ($500) – Created a learning packet that addresses documentation practices for student research papers in ENG 110.

Penny Gluck ($250), Christine Kelly ($250), and Tom Jaynes ($250) –Developed Student Success Days, Don’t Quit the Quarter, and Student Success Workshops.
Robin Hackley ($500) - Developed the statistical design and provided time consuming analysis for the Developmental Studies’ “Student Monitoring Project.”

1994 – Perry Cumbie ($500) – Developed a comprehensive library study guide for students in ENG 110, 114, and 115.

1993 – Irene Laube ($250) – Obtained free business reference and scholarly books from Duke University’s Perkins Library.

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