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Advising, Counseling, and Student Development   Instructional Services
  Working with Students with Disabilities     Academic Alert/Early Alert
  Testing Protocol for Students with Disabilities     Academic Honesty Policy Notification form
  Exam Information Form     Academic Change Request form
  Student Club/Organization Activity Request     Class Cancellation Notice
Business Office     Counseling Referral Process and Counseling Alert form
  NC-4 Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate     Course Change form
  Instructions for NC-4 Form     Course Substitution form
  Authorization Agreement for Payroll Deposit     Faculty Release Time Request
  2014 Time Card     Faculty Schedule form
  W-4 Tax Form     Faculty Withdrawal form Log in with your WebAdvisor password
Campus Police and Public Safety     Student Conduct Procedure
  College Vehicle Update and Vehicle Request form     ASUT Field Trip Guidelines
  Travel Reimbursement Rates       ASUT Field Trip Application
  Key/Keyless Entry Request  Send completed forms to Sarah Minnis       Minor Waiver form
  Lost, Stolen, Broken Key or ID Card form       Participant Waiver form
  Parking Permit/Identification Card (must present license)     Student I Grade Notification form (download to your computer to add digital signature)
Colleague Change Notification form   Insurance
  Colleague Change Notification form     See Benefits Quicklinks in the Human Resources section
Continuing Education   Library
  Master Contract forms     Orientation Request form
  Class Visit Worksheet   Marketing and Communications
  Continuing Education Letterhead     Business Card Request form
  CCE Course Approval     Photo Release form
  CCE Course Outline     Durham Tech Stationery (Word document)
  Internal Articulation Approval form (undergoing revision)   Media Request
Durham Tech Foundation     Audiovisual Equipment Reservation form
  Grant Guidelines     Room Problem form
  Grant Application   Print Shop
  In-Kind Donation     Copy/Printing Request form
Events Calendar   Professional Development
  Submit an Event     See Professional Development web page
Facility Services   Rooms/Facilities
  Work Order Request Guidelines and Procedures   Reserve a Room
  Work Order Request form   Rental and Public Use of Facilities
  Notice of Office Change   Sakai
Human Resources     Sakai  Credit Combined Sections form
  Forms for New Hires     Sakai Course Site Request for Noncredit Courses form
  Leave Request Forms   Student Development and Student Activities
  Other Human Resources Forms   Counseling Referral Process and Counseling Alert form
Information Technology Services   Responding to or Preventing a Crisis
  Job Description Template (Word)   Working with Students with Disabilities
  New Employee Request     Testing Protocol
  New Colleague Request     Exam Information form
    Colleague Request for Advisors      
    Colleague Request for Instructional Administrators    
    Colleague Request for Staff    
  Colleague Change Notification form    
  Informer Access form    
  Modify Colleague Request      
  Modify Network Access Request      
  Modify Telephone Services Request    
  Delete Employee Request    
  Submit Work Order (read these directions first)    
  Appropriate Use Policy    
  Computer Usage Standards    
  Confidentiality Agreement    


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