Durham Tech Foundation

The Durham Tech Foundation's vision is to engage with the community to support Durham Tech's role as an engine of job creation and provider of excellent educational and workforce training in Durham and Orange counties. The Foundation's mission is to promote the current and long-term success of Durham Tech by inspiring charitable investment in its students, faculty, and staff; advocating for the institution's compelling work; and serving as excellent stewards of the Foundation's assets.

Thank you for making a difference.

Kamisha CrossWhen the eviction letter came, Kamisha Cross knew she was running out of options.The 31-year-old had moved back to the Bull City last June after working as a manager at a clothing boutique in Charlotte to enroll in Durham Tech. A business management degree, she thought, would help her advance her career. But there were more than a few road blocks. Her new roommate, a professional nanny who helped take care of Cross’ 11-year-old son, started having health issues that forced her to miss work and kept her from watching the boy while Cross was in class. By November, Cross was behind on rent. She sent her son to live with his grandparents in Virginia. She began telling her instructors she might not be able to continue her education. “It just seemed like everything was pulling on me at once,” she said.

A tax refund check in January helped her limp through the winter, but by February she was spending future rent money on overdue bills. Two Durham Tech staff members told Cross about the Dreamkeepers program. She applied and the wait began. A few weeks later, a check was sent to her landlord.

“It’s like one of those good, emergency back-up programs that’s willing to help a student that’s in need,” she said. “At the time, it was not a game. I needed it and it worked.” The program helped put Cross back on her feet. Now, she’s looking for full-time work while she continues her studies. She’s on track to finish in May 2016. “I want to finish this,” she said. “I want to have something to show.”

Longfellow: Making a difference for Durham Tech students!

Longfellow Real Estate Partners, a leading commercial real estate developer in the life sciences industry, made a generous grant of $100,000 to Durham Technical Community College in June 2014. The funds have been used to help Durham Tech students acquire work-ready skills in science, engineering, technology, and math (STEM) to prepare them for jobs in today’s competitive global economy. More than 900 students benefited from academic resources, counseling, and work-study stipends arranged through transitions counselors at the college to help them progress smoothly from academics into the workforce. Here are testimonials from three of those students whose lives were changed thanks to Longfellow’s philanthropy.