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Cloud Computing Lab Test Environment

Test Environment Setup

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Server Descriptions

There are three main servers in our test environment setup. Below is information about the operating systems used, server roles, and necessary applications.

Server #1: Windows Server 2008 R2

Active Directory - DHCP and DNS

AutoDeploy needs Active Directory to enable DHCP and DNS roles. The DHCP role will assign ip addresses to the diskless hosts that boot up using PXE boot. Once the diskless hosts have obtained an ip address, DHCP will be configured to direct the hosts toward the TFTP which will contain the Bootfile, in this case ESXi 5.1. The DNS role will translate the name of the other servers added to the network to ip addresses and vice versa.

Server #2 Windows Server 2008 R2

vCenter Server - vSphere PowerCLI - vSphere Client - AutoDeploy GUI - TFTP - ESXi 5.1 depot file - ESXi customizer

This server will be part of Active Directory and it will also host the managing applications. A group of VMware tools must be installed to complete the environment (Vsphere Client, vCenter Server, vSphere PowerCLI, AutoDeploy GUI, ESXi 5.1 depot file, ESXi customizer). In addition to the VMware tools a third party TFTP needs to be installed. We used TFTP64 which will provide the Bootfile to the diskless hosts when they PXE boot

Server #3 ESXi 5.1 Server

We have set up a physical server that will host the virtual machines and also will be a data storage for the diskless hosts.