What is NETLAB+

NETLAB+ is virtual networking lab environment that can be accessed by students over the internet. It was developed by the Network Development Group (http://www.netdevgroup.com/) for distance learning. It provides remote access and real time interaction with campus lab equipment. NETLAB+ includes a scheduling interface which allows students to reserve blocks of time for remote lab access.

Durham Tech already has an established Netlab server in use for its operating system and networking classes. In this project, we are utilizing NetLab as our front end interface, but are working to expand its capabilities by connecting it to our infrastucture.

Netlab User Interface

From the End User’s perspective:

  • Java based web interface
  • End user logs into NetLab and makes a reservation

End user will select:

  • Enrolled course
  • Reservation time
  • VM type (pod) - depends on enrolled courses
login screen

User will log in to NetLab at the reserved time and access the VM

User will have full Keyboard, Video and Mouse access to the virtual machine

Depending on the pod setup, activity can be saved so that students have a persistent Virtual Machine for the semester

reservation screen

Inside NetLab

  • Administrator login home screen
  • Add/modify user accounts
  • Manage classes and rosters
  • Design custom PODs
  • View current network settings and status
NetLab Administration Screen

NetLab Accounts and Class Manager

NetLab Accounts screen
NetLab Class Manager screen

NetLab Equipment Pods and Pod Designer

Equipment pods contain the lab devices that are accessed by users
Pod designer is used to create custom pods for Netlab systems