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PRESS for Completion

Persistence, Retention, and Student Success – PRESS for Completion is a new component of Durham Tech’s affiliation with Achieving the Dream. The goal of PRESS is to engage more faculty and staff in the work of student success. Durham Tech has chosen to focus this engagement around issues of course completion. We are studying 11 critical courses, including college courses, a continuing education course, and an Adult High School Diploma course.

In fall 2012, the four to six team members for each course studied the course completion and grade distribution data for their specific course. They also considered issues of equity and general course and department policies. In Spring 2013, they implemented multiple strategies to help their students be more successful. At the end of spring 2013, they revised those strategies based on lessons learned from data, level of strategy implementation, and other college factors. Then in fall 2013, they have been implementing and scaling up the revised strategies in additional sections of the PRESS courses.

The PRESS teams made presentations to the college community on October 15. Their presentation materials are archived below.

ABE Math ACC 120 BIO 168 CHM 130 EDU 119 ENG 111
MAT 171 Nursing Assistant NET 125 SPA 112 SUR 111