Associate Degree Nursing

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for admission to the Associate Degree Nursing program?

Admission to the Associate Degree Nursing program at Durham Tech is competitive.

While in pre-nursing status, students can complete requirements to earn points for admission to the nursing clinical course sequence. Learn more about the requirements for admission to pre-nursing and the Associate Degree Nursing program.

Spaces in the nursing program will be offered to students based on a point system with students having the highest number of points being offered seats first.

In case of a tie in the number of points, the initial date of application to the program will be used as a basis for offering seats.

If a student is not offered a seat in the nursing program and wishes to be considered for the next year, the student must reapply.

The deadline date to apply for the nursing program clinical courses for the fall semester class is February 1 or one business day after. Students applying after this date will not be considered for admission for the fall semester.

Students who have completed and submitted the enrollment application and submitted official transcripts (GED scores, documentation of high school or college graduation and college courses taken) will be accepted into the ADN program pre-nursing status. Pre-nursing status does not indicate acceptance into the nursing clinical course sequence.

How do I get started in the admissions process?

The best way to get started in the admissions process is to attend a nursing information session. A nursing admissions counselor and a nursing faculty member will be available to explain the admissions process and to answer your questions.

For admissions information, call 919-536-7202.

How do I find out who my nursing advisor is?

You will be notified by mail when you have been accepted to ADN pre-nursing status. Information will be included as to who your nursing advisor is. Your advisor's name and contact information will be included.

Nursing advisors have times for advising appointments posted on their office doors. Since nursing advisors spend a considerable amount of time at the clinical agencies, they will not be available to meet with you unless you have scheduled an appointment in advance.

What do I do before meeting with my nursing advisor?

You need to complete the placement tests. Your advisor cannot help you plan a course schedule until you have completed them.

Can I work while in college?

Managing a work and college schedule is extremely demanding. The faculty encourage students to plan ahead, arranging work hours to comprise no more than 20 to 24 hours per week if possible.

How long will it take to complete the course requirements for the ADN program at Durham Tech?

Once space is available, students begin the nursing courses in the fall semester each year. A total of four semesters (there are no nursing clinical courses scheduled in the summer term) is required to complete the nursing courses. Program graduation is in May. Graduates may apply to schedule the NCLEX-RN examination after all program requirements are met.

How many days per week should be designated for my classes, labs, and clinicals?

You should be prepared to participate in curriculum content at least four days per week. The schedule for classes, labs, and clinicals will be different from semester to semester.

Each semester you will have approximately 18 to 22 contact hours in nursing courses each week. Nursing courses have classroom and clinical components. Each component requires preparation and completion of assignments. A good guide to follow is to plan at least one hour of study time for each contact hour. In addition, some nursing courses have a laboratory component in which you will learn nursing skills. The laboratory component also requires preparation and practice time.

Are my courses in the ADN program transferable to a university if I want to pursue a bachelor of science in nursing?

Most definitely! General education and science courses taken at Durham Tech can transfer to a university. University bachelor of science programs grant students credit for having earned their RN degree. Nursing courses taken at Durham Tech are not transferred on a one-to-one basis. Mobility/articulation plans are available for Durham Tech's ADN graduates.

Is there a waiting list for Durham Tech's ADN program?

No, students who apply but are not offered a seat in the fall nursing class must apply again the following year if they are still interested. This period can be used for completing requirements that will earn the student points.

Can I receive transfer credit at Durham Tech for college courses I have taken at other institutions and apply these credits to the ADN plan of study?

When you have been admitted to ADN program pre-nursing status, the nursing admissions counselor will evaluate your prior course work and assign transfer credit, if equivalent, to non-nursing courses. You will be sent a letter notifying you which courses will transfer.

Do all classes, labs, and clinicals take place during the day?

The classroom portion of the program is taught during the day. Clinical experiences are usually scheduled during the day for six- and eight-hour shifts. However, because of the availability of clinical units, it may be necessary for you to attend clinical experiences in the evening or on weekends or work a 12-hour shift.

Is financial aid available for ADN students?

Yes, you may request that information about financial aid and scholarships be sent with your admissions information packe. For more information, call 919-536-7209.

Must I be listed on the North Carolina Registry as a Nursing Assistant I?

You are required to be listed on the North Carolina Registry as a Nursing Assistant I “without substantial findings of abuse or neglect” by June 15 of the year you begin nursing clinical courses.  This listing must be current when you enter the nursing clinical course sequence. You can find the date of expiration of your NA I license by going to

The only exception to this requirement is a student who is licensed as a practical nurse in North Carolina.

You can qualify to be listed on the NA I Registry by taking a NA I class and successfully completing competency testing (oral and written components).

If you have experience in another health care occupation, you may wish to review Information on skills that students are required to perform and the steps required to determine if you possess the necessary skills to successfully complete the competency testing without taking the NA I class. This information can be found at

How will I be notified that I have been accepted into the nursing clinical course sequence?

Students who qualify for admission to the nursing clinical course sequence will be notified by ConnectMail and offered a seat in the fall nursing clinical course sequence. Emails offering admission will be sent out by April 1.

If a student who has accepted a seat in the fall nursing course sequence decides to defer, students will be offered seats in the order in which they qualified for admission. Admissions to the fall class will not occur after June 30.

Students may defer only once.

What is the salary range for newly registered nurses in this geographic region?

The beginning RN baseline salary range is $40,000 - $45,000 per year.