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Medical Product Safety and Pharmacovigilance (MSP) Plans of Study

2014 – 2015

Coming fall 2015: Medical Product Safety and Pharmacovigilance Associate Degree

Medical Product Safety and Pharmacovigilance Certificate (pdf)

MSP Course Descriptions

Medical Product Safety and Pharmacovigilance Certificate (C45810S) Plan of Study
Course Name and Number Class Hours Lab Hours Credit Hours
MSP 110 Introduction to Medical Product Safety 3 0 3
MSP 115 Medical Product Safety Regulations 3 0 3
MSP 120 Safety Reporting 3 0 3
MSP 130 Safety Systems and Processes 3 0 3
MSP 220 Signal Detection and Risk Assess 3 0 3
Total Semester Hours Required for Certificate 17

V.A. Students: An approval signature from the V.A. Office is required before registering. Some courses may not be certifiable.

*ENG 070, ENG 080, ENG 090, ENG 090A , RED 070, RED 080, RED 090 or DRE 096, 097, 098; MAT 050, MAT 060, MAT 070 or DMA 010, DMA 020, DMA 030, DMA 040, DMA 050, DMA 060, DMA 070, DMA 080 may be required based on placement test results.

NOTE: Student must demonstrate computer competency by achieving a satisfactory score on the computer competency test; credit by exam; completion of CIS 110; or by other institutional transferable credit (comparable/higher level computer course).

Students are eligible to enroll in the Medical Product Safety Certificate who have completed a baccalaureate or graduate degree in biological science, chemistry, or an allied health area, or who have completed one year of employment in the clinical research field within the last five years.