Respiratory Therapy

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for admission to the Associate Degree Respiratory Therapy program?

Admission to the Associate Degree Respiratory Therapy program at Durham Tech is competitive with limited number of seats available.

If a student is not offered a seat in the Respiratory Therapy program and wishes to be considered for the next year, the student must reapply.

The deadline date to apply for the respiratory program for the fall semester class is February 1. Students applying after this date will not be considered for admission for the fall semester.

How do I get started in the admissions process?

The best way to get started in the admissions process is to attend a Respiratory Therapy information session. A Respiratory Therapy admissions counselor and a Respiratory Therapy faculty member will be available to explain the admissions process and to answer your questions.

For admissions information, call 919-536-7202.

How do I find out who my advisor is?

You will be notified by ConnectMail with information about advising and how to find your advisor’s name in WebAdvisor under My Profile.

Since Respiratory Therapy advisors spend a considerable amount of time at the clinical agencies, they will not be available to meet with you unless you have scheduled an appointment in advance.

What do I do before meeting with my advisor?

You need to complete the placement tests. Your advisor cannot help you plan a course schedule until you have completed them.

Who needs to complete the additional math module DMA 060 and/or CHM 130/130A?

Biology 168 and 169 are required to graduate from the respiratory therapy program. The prerequisites for BIO 168 include a high school level chemistry and biology course, and DMA 060.

If you did not have high school chemistry and biology, or it was longer than ten (10) years ago, you will need to complete:

  • DMA 060 (or satisfactory score on placement test)
  • CHM 130 and 130A)

If you have college credit for BIO 168 (no time limit) you will need to complete:

  • DMA 050 (or satisfactory score on placement test)

Can I work while in college?

Managing a work and college schedule is extremely demanding. The faculty encourage students to plan ahead, arranging work hours to comprise no more than 20 to 24 hours per week if possible.

How long will it take to complete the course requirements for the Respiratory Therapy program at Durham Tech?

Students begin the respiratory courses in the fall semester each year. A total of five semesters is required to complete the courses. Program graduation is in May. Graduates may apply to schedule the NBRC-CRT examination after all program requirements are met.

How many days per week should be designated for my classes, labs, and clinicals?

You should be prepared to participate in curriculum content at least four days per week. The schedule for classes, labs, and clinicals will be different from semester to semester.

Each semester you will have approximately 14 to 25 contact hours in respiratory courses each week. Many respiratory courses have classroom and lab components. Each component requires preparation and completion of assignments. A good guide to follow is to plan at least one hour of study time for each contact hour. The laboratory component also requires preparation and practice time.

Are my courses in the Respiratory Therapy program transferable to a university if I want to pursue a bachelor of science in Respiratory Therapy?

Most definitely! General education and science courses taken at Durham Tech can transfer to a university. University bachelor of science programs grant students credit for having earned their Respiratory Therapy degree. Respiratory courses taken at Durham Tech are not transferred on a one-to-one basis. Mobility and articulation plans are available for Durham Tech's Respiratory Therapy graduates.

Is there a waiting list for Durham Tech's Respiratory Therapy program?

No, students who apply but are not offered a seat in the fall Respiratory Therapy class must apply again the following year if they are still interested. This period can be used for completing other non-respiratory courses to reduce heavy course loads.

Can I receive transfer credit at Durham Tech for college courses I have taken at other institutions and apply these credits to the Respiratory Therapy plan of study?

When you have been admitted to the college and submitted transcripts, transfer evaluation specialist will evaluate your prior course work and assign transfer credit, if equivalent, to non-respiratory courses. You will be sent a letter notifying you which courses will transfer.

Do all classes, labs, and clinicals take place during the day?

The classroom portion of the program is taught during the day. Clinical experiences are usually scheduled during the day and evening for twelve-hour shifts.

Is financial aid available for Respiratory Therapy students?

Yes, you may request that information about financial aid and scholarships be sent with your admissions information packe. For more information, call 919-536-7209.

How will I be notified that I have been accepted into the Respiratory Therapy program?

Students who qualify for admission to the respiratory program will be notified via their DTCC ConnectMail account and offered a seat in the fall sequence. Notification will be sent out during the first week of April.

What is the salary range for newly credentialed respiratory therapists in this geographic region?

The beginning respiratory therapist baseline salary range is $35,000 - $45,000 per year.