RIBN Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the Durham Tech RIBN program different from traditional two- or four-year nursing pathways?

This four-year dual-enrollment nursing option provides a seamless transition from an associate's degree to a bachelor's degree in nursing. The students are dually enrolled at Durham Tech and Winston Salem State University (WSSU) and complete course requirements for a bachelor's degree beginning the first semester in the curriculum. Because the first three years of courses are at Durham Tech, students pay community college tuition rates through the RIBN model.

I already have an associate's degree. Is RIBN a good fit for me?

RIBN is a four-year degree from start to finish, with all the course work built in to complete both the associate's and bachelor's degrees in nursing. If you already have an associate's or bachelor’s degree, your best option may be to look into a BSN program at a four-year university or an accelerated nursing program.

Are there scholarships available for RIBN students?

Students are eligible for the Forgivable Education Loans for Service program. For additional information, visit http://www.cfnc.org. Students should apply early for financial aid options. Begin the application process at www.fafsa.ed.gov

If I have already completed some of the general education courses in the RIBN curriculum, can I start my nursing courses sooner than Year Two?

You are not required to retake any courses that you have successfully completed for credit; however, there is not an option to start RIBN in Year Two. All students entering RIBN must start at Year One in the curriculum.

If I can’t start in Year Two of the RIBN program, does that mean I can just sit out during the first year of the program?

No. Even if you have completed all the general classes, to be considered a RIBN student, you must be dually enrolled at both Durham Tech and WSSU. You will still need to take one class at Durham Tech and the required WSSU class to maintain eligibility in the program. The traditional A.A.S. degree in nursing may be your best option if you have completed all the general classes.

What if I am missing some of the UNC minimum course requirements?

If you did not complete some of the required high school courses, you may take courses at the college level to satisfy these course requirements to be eligible to apply. Please meet with the RIBN Student Success Advocate to clarify requirements for entrance to your local community college and WSSU.

If I have completed college course work, will you still look at my high school GPA?

If you have completed at least 20 credit hours of college course work (100 level or higher), we will only consider your cumulative collegiate GPA, including any courses completed at Durham Tech.

Can I apply to other nursing options as well as RIBN?

Yes. Because nursing programs in the region are so competitive, we encourage you to apply to as many options for which you are eligible and interested.

May I retest on the TEAS V?

Because this is a competitive program, it may be to your advantage to retake the TEAS V for a higher score. If you need to retake the TEAS V exam, you must wait a minimum of 30 days from the date of your last exam. Official copies of all previous TEAS V test scores are required to be on file with the college prior to taking the exam at Durham Tech. Testing is limited to two times per year.