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Student Services


The library supports the college’s mission and assists the full institutional community toward achieving its goals. In addition, the library strives to promote lifelong learning, provide academic learning experiences, and share new ideas and resources; participate in the college’s teaching and learning process; and provide varied materials and services for students, faculty, and staff in a flexible and caring environment.

The library’s collection includes more than 40,000 books, magazines, newspapers, videotapes, and a variety of other audiovisual materials. Also, students use online databases and the Internet to find information on topics of interest.

The library’s website contains links to the college’s online catalog and full-text databases. Passwords for remote access to databases are available at the library or by the email link “Ask a librarian.” Library hours, policies, research guides, and a guide to citing sources are also available in this website.

Durham Tech participates in a consortium of community college libraries in North Carolina. The holdings of all consortium libraries may be searched simultaneously from the online catalog. Also, students may borrow books from those colleges in person with a valid Durham Tech identification card or via interlibrary loan.

Most materials may be checked out for three weeks. Reference and reserve materials may be used only in the library. Members of the staff are always available to help students locate and use the library’s resources. To borrow materials, a user must present a valid Durham Tech identification card.

Library facilities include individual and group study areas as well as an area where students may read newspapers, popular magazines, professional journals, and paperback books. A quiet room is also available for individual study.

Library hours are posted on the library’s website.

The Northern Durham Center library houses the collections on criminal justice and fire protection as well as general reference and circulating materials. In addition, library materials are available at the Orange County Campus.

Center for Academic Excellence

The Center for Academic Excellence (CAE) offers students a number of alternatives to the traditional classroom setting for education. Skills centers offer students individualized, cost-free tutoring.

The Math-Science-Accounting Center provides personalized tutoring in all levels of mathematics, including developmental math, math for sciences, and university transfer math. DVD’s and online resources offer additional assistance in all levels of math. Tutoring for anatomy, physiology, biology, chemistry computers, physics, and statistics are also offered on a limited basis in the Math-Science-Accounting Center.

The Writing Center can help students at all levels improve their skills in grammar and writing. Handbooks, handouts, and other materials are also available in the Writing Center. The Reading Center provides assistance to students who are preparing for the Degrees of Reading Power (DRP) assessment. Materials are offered to assist with vocabulary and pronunciation.

The Foreign Language Center offers students enrolled in Spanish courses the opportunity to practice their pronunciation and to consult a tutor about grammar questions.

In the Computer Center, students may use computers for word processing, spreadsheets, or other software available on the machines. A lab monitor is available to assist students who are not familiar with computers or who need help with software. Students are asked to present a current Durham Tech identification card to access the lab. 

Depending on tutor availability, the Center for Academic Excellence may offer assistance with other subjects. Look for fliers each semester or view tutor hours and availability in the Center for Academic Excellence section of the website.

Career Services

Our diverse, rapidly-growing economy offers tremendous opportunity for students searching for a job. However, identifying the career and specific job that suits one’s skills, abilities, and personality can be a frustrating task. Career Services staff offer resource materials, interest inventories, workshops, and individual counseling to help students develop and clarify career goals. Services are available to Durham Tech students and alumni.

Durham Tech is a key partner in the Durham Joblink Career Center located a few blocks from the Main Campus. This partnership enables Durham Tech students and the residents of Durham to access countless job opportunities throughout the state. Students interested in taking advantage of Career Services should visit the Admissions office, located in the Phail Wynn Jr. Student Services Center, room 1210 or review the Online Career Center.

Counseling and Student Development

The experience of being a student can be both exciting and challenging. Counseling and Student Development staff are aware of the diverse experiences of Durham Tech students and provide many services that foster their academic success and personal growth. From admission to graduation, students have found these services to be an important part of their success.

Hours of Operation

The Counseling and Student Development office is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays and 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Students may also make an appointment to meet with a counselor at other times by emailing counseling@durhamtech.edu or by calling 919-536-7207.

Academic and Personal Counseling

In keeping with Counseling and Student Development’s commitment to student success, counselors also realize that a student’s academic performance is affected by pressures of many types and degrees. For this reason, Counseling and Student Development staff members are available to meet with students individually to discuss a wide range of personal concerns. Counselors provide encouragement and support, intervene in times of crisis, make referrals when necessary, and help students identify and resolve personal issues. More information is availabale in the Counseling section.

Disability Services

Durham Technical Community College provides disability accommodations and services designed to create equal access to the many aspects of education. Students have the opportunity to voluntarily self-identify with the college as having a disability or medical condition that may impact access to programs and activities.

Students with disabilities may achieve educational access through the effective use of accommodations or services such as individualized educational planning; support staff including note-takers and interpreters; assistive technology; alternative testing arrangements; and priority assistance during registration. Through a process of individual planning, students are encouraged to use their diverse abilities to succeed.

Students interested in services or accommodations should review the steps for students requesting disability services outlined in the Disability Services section.

Copies of this document are also available in the Counseling and Student Development office, located in the Phail Wynn, Jr. Student Services Center, room 1209.

Students with disabilities are encouraged to learn more about available services by calling a disability services staff member at 919-536-7208 or by emailing disability services at disabilityservices@durhamtech.edu.

Student Development

The experience of college goes far beyond the classroom. Successful students acquire skills to manage their education, career, and personal lives. To foster the full development of students, Counseling and Student Development staff are involved in all aspects of college life. They answer questions and provide information about college activities, provide support to curriculum programs, and create support services which address the needs of the college’s diverse student population. Counselors often facilitate relationship skills through effective student and instructor communication.

Visit the college’s events calendar for a list of upcoming activities and events.

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Student Activities

Durham Technical Community College encourages and supports an active student body. To ensure consistency, oversight, and transparency in chartering clubs, promoting membership participation, and providing funding through the use of student activity fees, the college sets forth in policy and in published guidelines the expectations and requirements for such activities and funding.

Student Clubs and Organizations Policy

Durham Technical Community College provides a variety of activities, clubs, and organizations for students and the broader community. Educational, cultural, and social activities must support the college's mission, values, and strategic goals. The college establishes and follows processes and guidelines to encourage student engagement; foster student leadership; charter official student clubs and organizations; coordinate and provide administrative oversight of activities, clubs, and organizations; provide access to and information about related funding and expenditures; maintain a safe learning environment; and ensure compliance with college policies and with state, and federal laws.

Student Activities Procedures

Procedures related to this policy are included in the Student Activities Guidelines and Procedures publication. This publication outlines the purpose of student activities, college employees who are responsible for student activities, characteristics of successful student organizations, requirements for student clubs and organizations, information about how to request a club charter, expectations and responsibilities of Student Senate members and club officers as well as club advisors, guidelines for requesting and requirements for using student activity fee funds made available through the Student Senate, fundraising ideas, available college resources, regulations involving serving or the sale of food, and other pertinent information.

Student Clubs and Organizations

Durham Tech acknowledges the importance of student life outside the classroom and supports a variety of social, cultural, and professional opportunities to enhance a student’s in-class educational experiences. The following organizations are among those currently available to students at Durham Tech: Amigos Unidos (Spanish Club), Cambiando Caminos (Changing Paths), Durham Early Childhood Association, Final Draft Club, Gamers of Durham, Gamma Beta Phi (academic honor society), International Students Club, Minds that Create (MTC), Paralegal Technology Club, Phi Beta Lambda, Phi Theta Kappa (academic honor society), Practical Nursing Students’ Organization, Respiratory Therapy Students Club, Science Club, Sigma Delta Mu (academic honor society for students in the spanish curriculum), Single Parent Club, Spectrum, Student Nurses’ Organization, Student Occupational Therapy Association, Tau Eta Sigma (dental), VISIONS Leadership Initiative, and Women's Leadership.

Some of the activities and special events on campus include the following: fall and spring campus festivals; Career Days; plays and other cultural events; and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Day Celebration.

More information can be found in the student clubs and organizations section of the website.

Student Publications

Recognizing the importance of a public forum for the written expression of ideas as well as the development of effective communication skills, Durham Tech supports student involvement in campus publications. Students produce Final Draft, a student literary magazine.

While the views expressed in these publications do not necessarily reflect those of the college, faculty and staff advisors assist students in developing the publications in a manner consistent with responsible journalism, acceptable English composition, and the stated purposes of the college.

Student Senate

The Student Senate provides input to the college’s administration on decisions affecting students, makes decisions regarding the allocation of student event funds, and plans student activities and events. The Senate also approves and provides support for student organizations. Student senators represent academic departments and student organizations.

Student interest and leadership are necessary for the Student Senate to function effectively; students are encouraged to become actively involved. Additional information about the Student Senate is available from the Counseling and Student Development office or on the Student Senate page.

Student Participation in College Decision Making

Durham Tech encourages and provides for student involvement in institutional governance and decision making through various means. These include the following:

  1. The Student Senate consists of student representatives who provide input and recommendations to the college’s administration.
  2. A student serves as a non-voting member of the college’s Board of Trustees.
  3. Student involvement also occurs through membership on advisory committees, task forces, and other campus committees.
  4. Students participate in college decision making through involvement in the evaluation of courses and services.
  5. Student involvement is promoted through on-going interaction with faculty and staff and through participation in student organizations and activities.



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