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Focused Report Responses Table
Below are the responses to the concerns raised by the Off-Site Review Committee.
Core Requirements, Comprehensive Standards, or Federal Requirements
Section 2: Core Requirements
2.2 Governing Board
2.11 Resources
Section 3: Comprehensive Standards
3.2 Governance
3.2.2 Legal Authority and Operating Control
3.2.3 Governing Board Conflict of Interest
3.2.4 Governing Board – Undue Influence
3.2.5 Governing Board – Dismissal
3.2.10 Evaluation of Administrators
3.2.14 Intellectual Property Policies
3.5 Undergradate Programs
3.5.1 Competencies within General Education Core
3.7 Faculty
3.7.1 Qualifications
3.8 Library and Other Learning Resources
3.8.3 Qualified Staff
3.9 Student Affairs and Services
3.9.2 Student Records
3.10 Financial and Physical Resources
3.10.1 Financial Stability
3.10.7 Physical Facilities
Section 4: Federal Requirements
4.6 Recruitment Materials
4.8 Title IV Compliance

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