American Management Association (AMA) Certificate Program

How to Register for Courses

After you have completed the pre-registration at, and have received your ID/password, the final step is to register and make payment to Durham Tech. Do not pre-register until you are ready to take the course. Print and complete the required information on the AMA/flexstudy registration form. Then, choose one of the following methods to forward your information:

  • email the form to

  • Fax to 919-536-7277

  • Mail the completed form with payment to:
    Durham Technical Community College
    Attention: Timiya McCormick
    1637 Lawson Street
    Corporate Education Department
    Durham, NC 27703

  • Hand deliver the completed form, with payment to (register only at the Durham Techlocations listed below):
    Durham Tech Main Campus Corporate Education Center, 1637 Lawson Street, Durham, NC 27703.

Upon completion of pre-registration and payment/registration with Durham Tech, notification of course activation will be sent on or before 8 a.m. and 12 p.m. on the class start date.

The information provided during the registration process will be handled in a confidential manner.

American Management online courses cost $75. Because these courses are self-supporting, no tuition waivers or exemptions are allowed.  No registration is complete without the payment of applicable fees or receipt of official authorization for payment from the registrant's employer. Payment of course fees is required before the start date of each course session.

Course Cancellations and Refund Policy
Please see the Durham Tech Continuing Education procedures page. "First meeting" is defined as the starting date of the class and the 10% point is 4 days after the start date.

Please note that material is copyright protected.

Registration/Orientation is not complete until you have read "How to Take this Course." This material accompanies each course that is selected and preregistered (reserved your space) with Durham Tech/ Course material cannot be accessed until these activities are completed.

Further information about e-learning and the Durham Tech American Management Association Online certificate programs can be found under Frequently Asked Questions.

Contact either of the following if you have any questions regarding the registration process:

Timiya McCormick, Online Education Specialist
919-536-7222, ext. 4012


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Durham, NC 27703

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