Introduction to Bio Careers

biotech studentInterested in biotechnology but afraid you don’t have the academic skills or training to take BioWork or biotechnology training programs? This course combines basic math preparation, career exploration, career readiness, and technical skills development to help students pursue further training in one of the fastest growing industries in the state!
60 hours. $189

Free to qualified participants. Review the HRD Tuition and Fee Waiver Verification form to see if you qualify. An additional $5 materials fee is required at the time of registration, which cannot be waived for exempt participants.

To register, use the Continuing Education registration form and, if appropriate, the HRD Tuition and Fee Waiver Verification form.

50726 M–Th 4/6–5/2 10 a.m.–2 p.m. NDC 102 March 30 registration deadline

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Bio Careers course?

Bio Careers is a pre-Biotechnology training course and introduces students to opportunities in the Biotechnology industry. The 60-credit hour course combines basic math and science training to strengthen and improve students’ skills, along with a focus on career readiness and technical skills development. Computer literacy, teamwork, time management, problem solving, and situational applications are incorporated in the course.

Would the Bio Careers course prepare me for a job in the Biotech industry?

No. The Bio Careers course provides a review and helps you to strengthen your math and science skills. It also helps you develop strong study skills and habits. The Bio Careers helps students succeed in future Biotechnology courses. This enables you to be in the position to pursue further training in one of the fastest growing and best paying industries in the state!

Do you need Bio Careers?

It depends on the individual. Bio Careers is geared towards students who have the desire to know more about the field of Biotechnology while strengthening foundation skills. Students who have been out of school for a long time and others will find the helpful in updating and improving their math, science, and computer skills.