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Become a bartender or improve your bartending skills. Gain mastery in cocktail preparation and techniques. Learn industry recipes, vernacular, product usage, sanitation, bar set-up, customer service, etiquette, garnishes, and frozen drink preparation. Become RASP/TIPS/BARS certified and gain a fundamental knowledge of North Carolina ABC laws and regulations. Increase your knowledge base, develop a recipe database, and enhance your ability in presenting and recommending various wines. This course is open to beginners and serves as a refresher to existing bartenders wanting to fortify their skills. Job opportunities are discussed. While appropriate tools are used to foster the correct application of theory and practicum aspects of the trade, colored water is used in class. Students must be 21 years old. 15 hours. $89

41012 T 6/3–7/8 6–8:30 p.m. CEC 602
41017 Th 6/5–7/10 6–8:30 p.m. OCC 211

New! Making a Connection: Conversation for Success™

As we deal with people in our daily lives, some form of communication is always present. The effectiveness of our interactions with others can enhance or diminish relationships – from affecting an individual's self-esteem, instilling negativity, or influencing positive behaviors and actions. Paul Myer summed up the purpose of this course when he said, “Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success.” 8 hours. $163

Prerequisites: Students must complete self-reflective assessments: Communication and Learning Styles Preferences, Are You Really Listening?, and Game Behaviors.

Registration deadline: April 22. Please contact Doug Aitkin at 919-536-7239, ext. 4303, with any questions.

40171 F 5/9 8 a.m.–5 p.m. SBB

New! Making Your Meetings Work™

How many times have you sat in a meeting asking yourself, "Why am I here?", "Why can't we stay on topic?", "How much long is this going to take?", and "When am I going to get a chance to speak?" If this mental dialogue is part of your meeting experience, then join our session to learn how to make your meetings work more efficiently and effectively every time. This interactive, experiential learning session provides you with meeting templates, facilitation techniques, meeting checklists and an opportunity to apply the Making Meetings Work Guiding Principles during an in-class simulation. 4 hours. $89

Prerequisites: Students must complete two self-reflective assessments.

Registration deadline: May 23. Please contact Doug Aitkin at 919-536-7239, ext. 4303, with any questions.

40175 F 6/6 1–5 p.m. SBB

New! Ruby on Rails Virtual™

This online class is delivered by a live instructor and is specifically designed to teach students how to create database-driven websites using Ruby on Rails. Students learn how to install Ruby on Rails, to program in Ruby, and to use Ajax in their Ruby on Rails applications. This class is a virtual instructor-led course. 32 hours. $1,364

Prerequisites: Students should have experience with HTML. Experience with server-side programming experience SQL would also be beneficial.

Technical requirements:  For this virtual online course, students need to provide their own computers. Computers must have Microsoft Windows 8 installed, at least one web browser, and Internet access capabilities. 

Registration deadline: Thursday, April 3. Please contact Doug Aitkin at 919-536-7239, ext. 4303, with any questions.

40176 TWThF 4/22–4/25 8 a.m.–5 p.m. Virtual Online Class

New! S. E. R. V. I. C. E. Focused Leadership™

Leadership styles, like technology, must continuously evolve if they are to keep pace with the ever-changing needs and demands of our global business environments and workforce. S.E.R.V.I.C.E. Focused Leadership is a philosophy with seven guiding principles that will help you:

  • Create and sustain an environment this is relationship- and teamwork-driven and achievement-focused.
  • Empower others to achieve their best work.
  • Meet the needs of your diverse workforce.
  • Mentor others in goal achievement and personal responsibility.
  • Influence others to be ethical and accountable for their actions.
  • Build mutually respectful relationships. 
  • Engage in outcome-focused conversations.
  • Improve internal and external customer service.

8 hours. $163

Prerequisites: Students must complete self-reflective assessments: S.E.R.V.I C.E. Leadership Perception Check, Making Connections, Influence, and Game Behaviors

Registration deadline: April 21. Please contact Doug Aitkin at 919-536-7239, ext. 4303, with any questions.

40179 Th 5/8 8 a.m.–5 p.m. SBB

New! Time Management Troubleshooting: The Art of Consciously Planning, Organizing, and Managing Your Time!™

Time Management Troubleshooting is a unique, holistic learning experience that helps people meet commitments and deadlines, achieve goals, and maintain a healthy work-life balance. 4 hours. $89

Prerequisites: Students must complete assessment and time log.

Registration deadline: May 23. Please contact Doug Aitkin at 919-536-7239, ext. 4303, with any questions.

40174 F 6/6 8 a.m.–noon SBB

Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator (Grade I)

This course is designed to prepare students for the North Carolina Grade I Wastewater Operator Certification Exam; it follows prescribed training to meet certification requirements of the North Carolina Water Pollution Control System Operators Certification Commission. (Because this course is self-supporting, no tuition waivers or exemptions are allowed.) 42 hours. $135

41020 MW 6/16–7/30 6–9 p.m. NDWR

Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator (Grade II)

This course is designed to provide students with a general knowledge of the operation of wastewater treatment systems. The course explains the laws and regulations related to wastewater treatment systems operation, covers the equipment usually employed in such plants, and describes the general maintenance requirements for such plants. This training meets the requirements necessary for taking the Grade II Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators Certification Examination. Students are expected to have knowledge of Grade I material. 50 hours. $135

41011 TTh 6/12–8/5 6–9 p.m. NDWR

Interior Design and Decorating

This course is designed for the do-it-yourself homeowner; those hiring a design professional; and those interested in becoming an interior decorator, re-designer, real estate stager, or interior designer. Topics include design flow, space planning, selecting color and paint techniques, furniture, fabric, lighting, accessories, and organizing. The last two sessions focus on making a career out of your passion, hiring contractors, and bringing design/decorating into perspective. (Because this course is self-supporting, no tuition waivers or exemptions are allowed.) 24 hours. $88

40985 Th 5/22–8/7 6–8 p.m. OCC
40986 W 6/18–8/6 6–9 p.m. CEC 603

Cosmetic Arts
Esthetician Technology

Become a licensed skin care specialist through the Esthetics Technology program. Esthetics is the beautification of the skin. Students receive intensive training in the areas of facials, hair removal, and make-up application.

New this semester: Students also receive a Microdermabrasion Certificate and a Chemical Peel Certificate as part of the training! The $1,891 tuition is paid in two parts, with the initial $999 due at the beginning of the course and $892 due midway through the course. 640 hours. $1,891

This course qualifies for the ConnectFunds Grants and the SECU Scholarship.

Congratulations to the seven Esthetician students who have just completed the program and passed the written portion of the state exam. All but one of the seven have also passed the practical exam (and the seventh will be taking her practical exam soon). Instructor Maria Watkins explained that this phenomenal success rate “happened because [instructors] pulled together as a team to make sure the students were taught and were ready for the board. We all helped to prepare, educate, motivate, and inspire individuals to embrace another career.”

Indulge yourself in a luxurious spa experience. Read the menu of services, hours, and how to make an appointment in the Esthetician Technology spa. Curent faculty, staff, and students attend free! Spa hours through August are 6:30-8:30 p.m. and in the fall, Tuesday – Thursday, 9:30- 1:30 p.m. Call for an appointment at 919-536-7240, ext. 4420.

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