EMS Frequently Asked Questions

Minors taking EMS courses

For students who are under the age of 18 or are currently enrolled in high school and are considering enrollment in any EMS course, please complete the high school authorization form and submit the form along with your registration documentation.

Anyone 16-1/2 years or older who meets the following criteria may register for the EMR or EMT courses:

  • Is currently enrolled in high school or GED program;
  • Has a letter of consent from a high school administrator;
  • Has completed the high school authorization form; and
  • Has met the identified prerequisites.

Students who are 17 years of age are eligible to take EMR and EMT state exams; however, NC Office of EMS (NC OEMS) holds the credential until the 18th birthday of the individual. It is advised for students who are awaiting their 18th birthday to take EMS continuing education to ensure adequate hours and courses have been taken to fulfill recredentialling requirements.

Grading and Dismissal Policies

Students are tested by principles consistent with national standards. Examples of evaluations used to grade students in these courses include the following: quizzes; exams; evaluation of practical skills which require physical demonstration of techniques and procedures taught; and effective evaluations to monitor students on soft skills consistent with employment in EMS If a student’s cumulative average drops below 80 percent, the student is dismissed and not allowed to continue in the course for the remainder of that semester. More information on grading and dismissal will be provided to you during your first class meeting.

State and National Registry Exams

Since EMS students register themselves through the Credentialing Information System (CIS) website for the NC Office of EMS (NC OEMS) exams, the location, date, and time of the exam varies depending on the individual’s specific selection. There is no cost for this exam for students who complete a course in North Carolina.

The National Registry exam is also scheduled based on student selection, however there is a cost associated with this exam. Please visit the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) website for further information.

Successful completion of initial provider courses and refresher courses allows a student to be eligible to test with the NC State Office of EMS (NC OEMS) and the National Registry of EMT’s at all levels. Students have one year after the course completion date to take and successfully complete the NC OEMS state exam with up to three attempts. Students who do not successfully complete the exam within three attempts need to complete an entire initial provider course again. Students wishing to take the National Registry exam must register for the exam within two years after initial course completion.

Students register for the NC OEMS exams individually once successful course completion has been documented on the CIS website. Students wishing to take the National Registry exam must first create a profile on the NREMT website and then wait for approval by the EMS program director. Once the National Registry profile has been created, please send an email ems@durhamtech.edu to request successful course completion to be approved on the National Registry profile.

Please note that course completion for all initial provider and refresher courses will not occur until all course documentation (including clinical documentation) has been returned to and reviewed by the EMS program administration.

If you still have questions, please call 919-536-7238, ext. 4214 or email ems@durhamtech.edu.

Registration Fees, Exemptions, and Other Costs

Once the course schedule is available online, you may register at any time up to ten days prior to the start of the course.

When are registration fees due?

All fees are due at the time of registration.

Who is exempt from registration fees?

North Carolina Public Safety Workers as defined by NC General Statute 115D-5 may be exempt from tuition for continuing education courses provided the training meets the member’s organization training needs. A letter from the organization must be provided at the time of registration.

If an agency is paying for your course and books, what do you need to bring to registration?

You will need two copies of a letter signed by the chief of the agency authorizing payment.

Are there any other items that you need, and how much do they cost?

For Emergency Medical Technician and Paramedic students, the Durham Tech Bookstore maintains a list of books and supplies that are needed for your respective course.

Financial Aid

Is there financial aid available?

The Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Initial Provider course is eligible for Durham ConnectFunds and SECU Scholarship. The registration fee and required textbook if purchased from the Durham Tech bookstore are covered by the grant. Required textbooks that are not available at the Durham Tech bookstore are not covered by the grant. Learn more about the funds and if you are eligible.

If you are unemployed, you may qualify for financial aid under the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) by calling 919-560-6880.

Program Contact Information

919-536-7200, ext. 4205