EMS Preceptors

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Potential Preceptors

Thank you for your interest in becoming a preceptor for the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Education program at Durham Tech. The opportunity for student interns to watch, listen, and learn from experienced health care providers is an invaluable tool in the educational process.

Choosing to become a preceptor should not be a decision that is taken lightly. Student interns need more than just a provider to observe in action. Preceptors are teachers and mentors, often the key to unlocking the student intern’s understanding of the practical application of the vast amount of information provided in the classroom and lab. As such, preceptors must go above and beyond their everyday duties as health care providers. Preceptors need to spend downtime engaging student interns – discussing likely scenarios, reviewing equipment, helping them practice new skills. Preceptors must lead by example during all aspects of the shift and encourage student interns to be involved in patient care, even when they are unsure of themselves. The most effective preceptors praise student interns in public and provide constructive feedback in private, remembering that we were all student interns once.

Durham Tech and the faculty of the EMS Education program know that providing high-quality hospital clinical and field internship experiences starts with high-quality preceptors. We admire your dedication to the future of our profession. Thank you for your commitment and hard work for ensuring the success of our students, our program, and, thus, the EMS profession.

Program Contact Information

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