Languages Continuing Education

High school students, ages 16–17, may enroll in Continuing Education classes, including American Sign Language, if they submit a completed dual-enrollment form approved by their high school principal or designee. Students must be 16 at the time of enrollment and the first day of class, per North Carolina Administrative Code 23 NCAC 02C.0305, Education Services for Minors.

American Sign Language, Introduction

This slower-paced course provides a basic introduction of American Sign Language (ASL) fundamental concepts and functions through a culturally enriched learning environment. Participants learn the basic functioning of fingerspelling and how to introduce themselves through this manually spoken language. No textbook is required. (Because this course is self-supporting, no tuition waivers or exemptions are allowed.) 10 hours. $70

50120 W 2/24–3/23 6–8 p.m. CEC 605 February 17 registration deadline
50121 W 4/6–5/43 6–8 p.m. CEC 605 April 1 registration deadline

American Sign Language, Intermediate

This course reinforces all learned concepts from the ASL, Beginning course, with greater emphasis on refining grammatical structure, concepts, and discourse through application and analysis of learner objectives. Students begin to interactively engage in signed conversations, as well as acquire more receptive skills. This course is taught primarily voice-off and requires students to be proficient expressively, as well as receptively. Successful completion of this course requires that students pass an expressive and receptive formal evaluation, which will assess their acquired skill-sets. Textbook required. Prerequisite: An American Sign Language, Beginning certificate or participation in an informal assessment of skill set. 40 hours. $129

50108 W 1/20–5/4 6–8:30 p.m. CEC 604 January 15 registration deadline

Italian Is Fun Book I

This introductory course is intended for students with little or no knowledge of Italian. Students learn essential vocabulary and grammar to develop the pronunciation, listening, reading, and writing skills necessary for basic communication and comprehension. Customs and cultural insights are also presented. Italiano Essenziale I, Fundamentals of Italian, ISBN 978-1567654349, is the required textbook. 48 hours. $129

50837 TTh 2/2–4/21 10 a.m.–noon CEC 604 January 26 registration deadline

Italian Is Fun Book II

A continuation of the introductory level, this course features increased emphasis on vocabulary enrichment, grammar, and reading comprehension. Students listen, speak, write, and read in Italian in a series of communicative activities. Students expand their knowledge of Italian culture, art, and history, while practicing conversational exchanges to greatly expand their working vocabulary. It is recommended that students have an elementary understanding of Italian or a minimum of two years of exposure to the language. Italiano Essenziale II, ISBN 9781567654356, is the required textbook. 48 hours. $129

50836 W 2/3–5/18 9:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m. CEC 604 January 27 registration deadline

Spanish is Fun Book I

This beginning Spanish language course enhances students’ job opportunities and adds to their intercultural understanding, while developing skills in communication, reading, writing, and listening. This course is designed for students with no previous experience in Spanish language or whose experience does not make placement in a higher-level Spanish course advisable. Spanish Is Fun Book I, Lively Lessons for Beginners, 4th edition, ISBN 978-1-56765-815-6, is the required textbook. 48 hours $129.

50833 Sat 1/23–5/14 10 a.m.–1 p.m. CEC 604 January 16 registration deadline
50834 MW 2/1–4/25 6–8 p.m. CEC 606 January 16 registration deadline

Spanish is Fun Book II

A continuation of the introductory-level course, this course features increased emphasis on vocabulary enrichment, grammar, and reading comprehension. Spanish Is Fun Book II, Lively Lessons for Advancing Students, 2nd edition, ISBN 978-1-56765-485-1, is the required textbook. 48 hours. $129

50832 TTh 1/19–4/14 12:30–2:30 p.m. CEC 605 (January 12 registration deadline

Beginning Spanish Language Program

Spanish is a critically important global language you can use for work, travel, and socializing. With nearly 400 million Spanish speakers worldwide and a growing number in the United States, the ability to speak Spanish may provide you greater job opportunities or aid you in travels abroad. This program is designed for students, adult learners, and working professionals who wish to develop proficiency in Spanish to enhance their academic and career opportunities.

The Beginning Spanish Language Program is for students with a basic level of Spanish language exposure. This college-level, faster-paced course provides students with an integrative approach to language learning. Students focus on pronunciation, diction, grammar, vocabulary, and reading, as well as beginning conversation and writing. ACP Plazas Chapters 1-10, ISBN 978-1-42827-869-1 is the required textbook, and a Spanish/English dictionary is recommended. 70 hours. $184

50842 TTh 2/2–4/19 6–9 p.m. SBB January 26 registration deadline

Spanish Literature

This intermediate/advanced level course includes poetry, prose, fiction, and nonfiction, from 20th and 21st century Latin-American writers. Students study these works for vocabulary and grammar usage, as well as for elements of style and interpretation of meaning. Students read some of the best contemporary literature while improving their ability to communicate in Spanish. 48 hours. $129

50840 TTh 1/19–4/14 10 a.m.–noon CEC 605 January 12 registration deadline