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Personal Enrichment

Saturday Morning Drawing

Would you like to be a better artist despite having little or no artistic training? This is the course for you! Each meeting begins with a brief lecture and/or demonstration followed by one-on-one instruction. Topics include line, form, shading, perspective, composition, and other drawing fundamentals. A series of weekly exercises helps you develop the foundational skills you need to continue in more advanced courses. Bring a white all-purpose drawing pad (18”x 24”), graphite pencils (HB, 2B, 4B, 6B), a pencil sharpener, and a kneaded eraser to the first session. A list of other necessary materials will be provided. (Because this course is self-supporting, no tuition waivers or exemptions are allowed.) 20 hours. $89

41029 Sat 5/31–7/26 10 a.m.–12:30 p.m. CEC 611

Introduction to Brewing Beer at Home

This course gives students the opportunity to learn about the ingredients, techniques, and equipment needed to brew beer at home. Students brew, ferment, and bottle a batch of beer during this course. Students can then take this knowledge to begin their own adventures in home brewing. (Because this course is self-supporting, no tuition waivers or exemptions are allowed). 12 hours. $100

41010 M 6/2–7/7 6–8 p.m. OCC 112

Polymer Clay Mosaics I

This course introduces beginners to the techniques used in polymer clay and/or mosaic art. Students discover the exciting possibilities of using polymer clay to make one-of-a-kind mosaic art! Various mosaic methods are explored, and students have the opportunity to design and produce several pieces. (Because this class is self-supporting, no tuition waivers or exemptions are allowed.) 18 hours. $90.25

41030 Sat 5/24–6/28 9 a.m.–noon OCC

NEW! The Fiction Writer's Toolbox

Have you always wanted to write fiction but aren’t sure where to start? Maybe you just want to brush up your writing skills and get inspired. This course includes weekly instruction, writing practice, and exercises to spark your creativity to put you on the path to storytelling. No previous experience is necessary, and the course is open to fiction writers of all levels. (Because this course is selfsupporting, no tuition waivers or exemptions are allowed.) 16 hours. $74

41069 TTh 5/20–6/12 6–8 p.m. CEC 604

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