Photography Continuing Education

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Photography: The Basics

Have you ever taken a picture of a beautiful scene, but it didn’t turn out as pretty as you remembered? Have you ever gotten a new camera but didn’t understand how it worked or the manual wasn’t helpful? Enabling you to pick up a camera and use it easily, this course helps you improve the quality of the photos you take by focusing on basic techniques and then moves well past amateur photographic knowledge. Students may need to purchase additional materials. 24 hours. $74

50750 W 3/16–5/4 6–9 p.m. OCC March 9 registration deadline
52320 W 5/25–7/13 6–9 p.m. OCC May 20 registration deadline
52321 F 5/27–7/15 1–4 p.m. OCSDC May 22 registration deadline

Digital Photography: Beyond the Basics

This course guides students deeper into the controls of a digital camera by answering such questions as: Do you shoot in jpeg, raw, or tiff? How do you control your own white balance? How should you save your work? What can you do to improve or alter the picture after you have the shot? How can you get a better exposure? Students should have completed Photography: The Basics or have basic camera knowledge. 24 hours. $74

50752 T 3/22–5/10 6–9 p.m. OCC March 15 registration deadline
52318 T 5/24–7/12 6–9 p.m. OCC May 19 registration deadline

Photo Outings

This course takes the learning outside — the best place to develop your photography skills. A basic understanding of photography is recommended but not necessary. This course concentrates on developing your “photographic eye” to take better pictures. Every other class meeting is held at a different location. Learn to take better nature, portrait, action, close-up, architecture, and travel shots on location. After every location shoot, the photos taken are reviewed to help you improve your ability and understanding of good photography. 24 hours. $74

50790 Sat 3/19–5/14 10 a.m.–1 p.m. OCC March 12 registration deadline
52322 Sat 5/28–7/16 10 a.m.–1 p.m. OCC May 23 registration deadline

Intermediate Photography

Are you ready to have fun taking pictures now that you know how to use all of your camera controls well? In this course, students participate in advanced photography projects using histograms, custom white balance tools, flash controls, details of exposure, and custom functions of the camera. Prerequisite: Digital Photography: Beyond the Basics or permission of the program coordinator. 24 hours. $114

50749 Th 3/17–5/5 6–9 p.m. CEC 607 March 10 registration deadline

Nature/Landscape Photography

This course examines the great outdoors. The nature photographer needs to have the right equipment, the right light, and know what to look for in the right moment. This course will instruct the student on various techniques to capture landscape, wildlife, and close-up subjects. Every other class we will experience the beauty of photographing the magic of nature. Full-day special outing is possible. Prerequisite:Photography: Beyond the Basics. 24 hours $93.

50778 Sat 3/19–5/14 1:30–4:30 p.m. OCC March 12 registration deadline
52310 M 5/23–7/25 6–9 p.m. OCC May 18 registration deadline