Workforce Development (HRD)

Human Resources Development (HRD) courses provide skills assessment, employment skills training, and career development and enhancement. The courses are offered in short sessions to equip you with the knowledge, values, and practical skills essential to applying for, keeping, and advancing in your job.

Fees for HRD courses are waived if you meet one of these criteria:

To register for HRD courses, complete the Registration/HRD Fee Waiver Verification Form. Read more about registration procedures or call more information, call 919-536-7222.

Job Search Plus: LinkedIn and Beyond

Are you LinkedIn? Do you tweet? Do you consider Facebook to be a verb? If these terms are foreign to you, come learn the newest ways to use social media for networking and seeking employment. Since 80 percent of today’s jobs are found on the “hidden” job market, find out how to establish an online presence to gain access to opportunities. 6 hours. $79 (Free for qualified participants; see above.)

50694 F 4/29–5/6 1–4 p.m. OCSDC
52387 TTh 6/21–6/23 6–9 p.m. CEC 607/609
52388 TTh 7/19–7/21 6–9 p.m. OCC

Job Search Strategies for Mature Professionals

Mature workers face particular advantages and challenges in their job searches. Job seekers “of a certain age” may face negative stereotypes, but savvy, informed employers seek candidates who offer the best skills, regardless of age. Prepare yourself to be the best candidate by adding social networking to your search. 36 hours. $129 (Free for qualified participants; see above.)

50693 MW 4/11–5/18 6–9 p.m. CEC 604/609
52296 MW 6/20–8/1 6–9 p.m. OCC

Job Seeker's Résumé and Application Labs (with KeyTrain Tutorials)

Need to create a résumé or cover letter, search for jobs, or apply for employment online? Want to improve your opportunities for getting that great job, changing careers, or “recession-proofing” your job skills and résumé? Need to practice and/or refresh your skills before taking WorkKeys® assessments to earn your Career Readiness Certification? 66 hours. $184 (Free for qualified participants; see above.)

Enroll anytime for one-on-one assistance!

52283 MW 5/16–8/3 1–4 p.m. DCCR
52285 MW 5/16–8/3 9 a.m.–noon OCSDC

Job-Seeking Skills Workshop

Need new and creative strategies for employment networking? Attend any one of these workshops to become familiar with different strategic plans of action to target your ideal job. Along with networking, learn proper interviewing techniques. 20 hours. $74 (Free for qualified participants; see above.)

52299 F 6/10, 6/24, 7/8, 8/12 9 a.m.–1 p.m. DCCR
52289 F 5/20, 6/3, 6/17, 7/15, 8/5 9 a.m.–1 p.m. DCCR

Workforce Ready Re-Entry

This course provides specific work-readiness activities for students who are “justice involved.” Individuals with a criminal record, ranging from being charged to being recently released from incarceration, can experience barriers to obtaining some licenses, certifications, and, ultimately, employment. This course helps students navigate education and skills training and provides an approach to interviewing and résumé preparation customized to their needs. 16 hours. $74 (Free for qualified participants; see above.)

50959 Th 4/7–5/5 5:30–8:30 p.m. OCC

Skills Development and Enhancement

Go for the Gold! Career Readiness Certificate (CRC) and TA Proficiency Certification Test Preparation

Prove to employers that you possess the critical workplace skills in reading, applied math, and locating information. Upgrade skill levels to take the WorkKeys® exam. This class is open-entry/open-exit, so you can start and attend anytime. 84 hours. $189 (Free for qualified participants; see above.)

50280 MW 1/25–5/4 9 a.m.–noon CEC 607
52290 MW 5/23–8/3 9 a.m.–noon CEC 604

NEW! NC Works Training Labs

NC Works Training for Careers Lab

This lab is based on meeting the "just in time" needs of the community and partners to provide a rotating schedule of employability skills topics across the two counties. Labs consist of one hour of instruction, videos, presentations or guest speakers on a particular topic, then two hours of applying that topic to the job search. The last two hours may include one on one assistance, role playing or group activities. 30-36 hours. $129 (Free for qualified participants; see above.)

View the brochure with the lab schedule (pdf)

52304 W 5/18–8/3 4–7 p.m. DCCR
52326 Th 5/19–8/4 5:30–8:30 p.m. CEC
52313 F 5/20–8/5 9 a.m.–noon OCDSS
52327 F 5/20–8/5 1–4 p.m. OCSDC