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Student Senate Forms

Student Senate Recommendation

This form should be used to appoint a student to the Student Senate. The student should fill out the first section of the form and the appropriate department dean or club advisor should complete the second section. When complete, please give or send this form to the Senate Advisor.

Student Senate Funding Request

Student clubs or organization requesting funding from the Student Senate must maintain active status by appointing a representative, attending all meetings, and actively participating in Senate activities. If the student club or organization representative maintains active status, funds may be requested by completing the Student Activities Funding Request form.

Student Senate Funding Disbursement

This form is used to collect and track the funds allocated for your club or organization.

Student Club/Organization Activity Request Form

In order to maximize the effectiveness of student activities on campus and to allow each club and organization equal access, clubs and organizations are required to complete and submit this form by the 15th of the month before the activity is to take place.