Durham Tech Student Senate

The Student Senate coordinates and regulates activities and issues of concern of community college students. It represents our students' voice as the official student government association on campus. The Senate meets monthly to discuss campus concerns, regulate campus activities, review or create procedures involving student organizations and activities, and responds to campus regulations that affect the student body as a whole.

Why should I join the Student Senate?

Tiffany Boley"The Student Senate opens up a door of possibilities. It teaches you how to be a leader. It gives you a chance to be the voice of, and give a voice to, the students of Durham Tech. It also gives you a chance to work with and represent Durham Tech to other students around the state through leadership workshops, N4CSGA conferences, retreats, legislation visits, and other events. If you're looking for an opportunity to really make a difference in the Durham Tech community and in the state of North Carolina then I encourage you to find your way to the Durham Tech Student Senate."

Tiffany Boley, Student Senate President, 2011-2012

Donna McNally"Joining in has made an incredible difference in not only my experience at school, but also in my attitude about so much more.  I am truly grateful and extremely proud to be a part of this group and hope I have made some lifelong friends in the process. So take a chance and stop by any of the club or organization meetings. You will be glad when you do."

Donna McNally, Student Senate President, 2010-2011

How can I join the Student Senate?

The Student Senate Constitution outlines several ways that you can become involved as a Senator. Bring your completed Student Senate Recommendation form to a meeting, and a Student Senate advisor will explain your options.

When does the Student Senate meet and can I attend a meeting?

The Student Senate meets on a weekly basis, usually on Wednesdays. Student Senate meetings are open to all students, faculty and staff and we encourage anyone who is interested to attend. Check the meeting and activity calendar for the schedule.

What governs the Student Senate?

The Student Senate operates under the guidance of a constitution. In this document you will find everything you need to know about a Senator's responsibilities, duties, and obligations to the organization.


Contact the Student Senate advisor Gilbert Umberger for further information. Students may also contact Senators directly during the fall and spring semesters by emailing studentsenate@durhamtech.edu. or you can post a question on the Student Senate Facebook page.