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Accounting is often considered "the language of business" because of the need to record, classify, summarize, and interpret results of business operations in quantitative or financial terms. Its three major fields are public accounting, private or industrial accounting, and governmental and non-profit accounting.

In their work, accountants must often bring difficult problems to a satisfactory conclusion by gathering and analyzing relevant information; and accountants must meet and talk with employees throughout the organization.

Therefore, accountants must communicate clearly and effectively and must understand all facets of the organization.

The Accounting program is designed to build a solid foundation in accounting principles, theories, and practices. This is achieved by combining accounting courses with courses in the related fields of business and computing and by supplementing this instruction with general education subject matter such as English, public speaking, and critical thinking.

The curriculum prepares the graduate for an entry-level accounting position, such as junior accountant, bookkeeper, accounting clerk, cost clerk, and payroll clerk and for related occupations in data processing. With experience and sometimes additional education, an individual will be able to advance.

Students planning to sit for the Certified Public Accountants' Examination may take accounting courses toward fulfillment of that exam's accounting education requirement.

Students may take day or evening classes. Day students may complete the program in five semesters. Evening students may complete the program in eight semesters. The Associate of Applied Science degree is awarded upon successful completion of the program.


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Why Accounting? Abbi Tenaglia

Abbi Tenaglia advises prospective students not to rush through their courses. “It will seem like you'll be in school forever, but there are some very encouraging people at Durham Tech,” she said. “You will get more out of the experience by slowing down and doing excellent work in each class.”

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