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Architectural Technology Frequently Asked Questions

Please read on for answers to often-asked questions concerning the drafting/computer-assisted drafting (CAD) technician at Durham Tech.

What is a drafting/CAD technician?

This is a person who participates as a team member under the direction of either an architect or engineer, working in the production of construction document drawings. Skills require a knowledge of construction and engineering graphic details produced in both manual and CAD format.

Where do drafting/CAD technicians work?

The work is performed in the offices of architects, engineers, and designers. Government agencies, institutional planning departments, and large corporate businesses hire a significant number of these technicians.

What is the future job outlook?

While the employability of these technicians is directly linked to the state of the construction economy, the future looks bright in our region and the country as a whole.

What are the educational requirements?

Increasingly, the completion of an associate's degree is becoming the standard educational requirement of training for this career field. Retraining in this field for people with other career or educational backgrounds or degrees is usually a plus.

Is there a future beyond the technician level?

Yes. Many people wish to earn degrees in architecture and engineering beyond the associate's level. Universities often consider the associate's degree equivalent to the first two years of the bachelor's degree.

What is the salary for a drafting/CAD technician?

Salaries can vary widely depending on the size of the business and on the business specialty. The current salary range for the drafting/CAD technician is best identified by your local Employment Security Commission.

Most courses in the Architectural Technology program are offered in the Newton Building, located on Cooper Street at Durham Tech's main campus. Call 919-536-7234 for additional information about this program.