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Biomedical Equipment Technology

Biomedical Technician

Biomedical Equipment Technology is a new program that begins in Fall 2014.

The Biomedical Equipment Technology curriculum prepares individuals to install, operate, troubleshoot, and repair sophisticated devices and instrumentation used in the health care delivery system. Emphasis is placed on preventive and safety inspections to ensure biomedical equipment meets local and national safety standards.

Course work provides a strong foundation in mathematics, physics, electronics, anatomy, physiology, networking and troubleshooting techniques. Some cour ses will include job experience and job shadowing, as well as people skills and communication, both in written and oral form.

Graduates should qualify for employment opportunities in hospitals, clinics, clinical laboratories, shared service organizations, and manufacturers’ field service. With an AAS degree and two years experience, an individual should be able to become a certified Biomedical Equipment Technician.