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Sustainability Technologies

Solar Panels

The Sustainability Technologies program provides training in the installation, repair, and upgrade of sustainable technology systems that can be used by government municipalities, corporations, small businesses, and individual homeowners.  The curriculum is designed to prepare individuals for employment in environmental, construction, alternative energy, manufacturing, or related industries, where key emphasis is placed on energy production and waste reduction along with sustainable technologies.

Classroom instruction covers alternative energy, environmental engineering technology, sustainable manufacturing, and green building technology. Additional topics may include sustainability, energy management, waste reduction, renewable energy, site assessment, and environmental responsibility.

The Solar Photovoltaic Installation certificate prepares students for both energy use analysis and solar photovoltaic system installation. The intended audience is electricians, those working under the supervision of an electrician, or students who are completing the Electrical/Electronics Technology program. In order to enroll, students must have electrical wiring experience. The Solar Photovoltaic Installation certificate includes coursework that will help prepare students to take the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) entry-level exam.

The Renewable Energy diploma that includes electrical and math courses for students without previous electrical experience. The diploma program will also include work experience with a local company. The Renewable Energy diploma may be completed in three semesters.