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COMPASS ESL Listening and Versant Testing

The Durham Tech Testing Center offers the COMPASS ESL Listening Test and Versant Speaking Test for non-native US English-speaking Health Technologies students who must fulfill the English language admission requirement.

The COMPASS ESL Listening Test and Versant Speaking Tests are offered daily at the Main Campus in the Phail Wynn, Jr. Student Services Center, room 1305, on the third floor. Check the Placement Test schedule for the times.

No appointment is necessary. There is no fee for the COMPASS test. Students must purchase the Versant English Test in the testing room on the test day for $32.50, using a Visa, Mastercard, or American Express card. Durham Tech will accept only Versant Speaking Test scores with test identification numbers purchased in the Phail Wynn, Jr. Student Services Center at the time of testing. Do not purchase the test in advance.

Please bring the following required items with you on testing day:

  • Photo identification card (ID);
  • Durham Tech student ID number;
  • Social Security Number (if you have one); and
  • a credit card (for Versant testing fee).

Each student will start the test on an individual basis; therefore, some waiting time may be necessary. Arrive at the beginning of the scheduled testing time. Testing is on a first-come, first-served basis. Please do not bring food, drinks, or children. Turn off cell phones and other distracting devices. Dictionaries or other reference materials may not be used.

More About Compass ESL

The COMPASS ESL Listening test is an untimed, computerized, multiple-choice test that helps Durham Tech faculty and staff evaluate your English listening comprehension skills and places you into appropriate classes. For test details, visit the COMPASS ESL website.

More About Versant

The Versant™ English Test evaluates the spoken English skills of non-native English speakers, using speech processing technology and the advanced science of linguistics.

The test consists of six parts: reading sentences aloud, repeating sentences you hear, answering simple questions, rearranging words to form a grammatically correct sentence, retelling brief stories, and answering open-ended questions. Test takers must move at the test's pace and are not allowed to take notes. The test is completed in under 20 minutes. Results come in a five-page report that includes description of the test taker's speaking skills in sentence mastery, vocabulary, fluency, and pronunciation.

Information on the Versant Speaking Test can be found at If you wish to purchase a practice test online, you may get a 10 percent discount by using the code VER-10. Practice tests require the use of a landline telephone. Do not purchase the actual test until you arrive at the Phail Wynn, Jr. Student Services Center testing site.