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Fire Protection Technology

Two student firefighters crawl from right to left through a gap between wooden planks during a training exercise.

*This program is financial aid eligible.
The Fire Protection Technology curriculum is designed to provide students with knowledge and skills in the technical, managerial, and leadership areas necessary for advancement within the fire protection community and related firefighting industries, and to provide currently employed firefighters with knowledge and skills often required for promotional consideration.

Course work includes diverse fire protection subject areas, including fire prevention and safety, public education, building construction, fire ground strategies and tactics, and local government finance and laws, as they apply to emergency services management. Emphasis includes understanding fire characteristics and the structural consequences of fire; risk assessment and management; and relevant research, communications, and leadership methodologies.

Employment opportunities exist with fire departments, governmental agencies, industrial firms, insurance rating organizations, and educational organizations.
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Estimated Completion Time

18-19 months

Current and Upcoming Course Offerings

Course Number Title Credit Hours
ENG-111 Writing and Inquiry 3
ENG-112 Writing and Research in the Disciplines 3
EPT-140 Emergency Management 3
FIP-120 Introduction to Fire Protection 3
FIP-128 Detection and Investigation 3
FIP-132 Building Construction 3
FIP-228 Local Government Finance 3
FIP-230 Chemistry of Hazardous Materials I 5
FIP-256 Municipal Public Relations 3
FIP-276 Managing Fire Services 3