Cloud Computing Lab Instructor Information

Instructor Guide

NETLAB Instructor Guide (pdf)

System Availability

The Cloud Computing Lab availability will adjust each semester to reflect the class usage of the host computers. During classes the systems will operate from their built in operating system. Once classes have ended the system will transition to the lab system.

Instructor Requirements

The following list establishes the items needed to build the lab environment. These items should be ready to handover to the system admin so they may implement your lab structure.

  1. Create the virtual machines or document the details of the virtual machines required for the lab (how many, operating system, resource requirements, user accounts, passwords, software, firewall settings, etc).
  2. Document networking details for the lab environment (interconnections, internet access?, vlans, etc).
  3. Create a lab manual for the students to follow.
  4. Prepare a list of students that need to be assigned to the lab, for creation in NETLAB.
  5. Document what course the lab will use, for creation in NETLAB.