Governor’s Emergency Education Relief Scholarship

NOTE: This grant is closed as all funding has been awarded.

The Governor’s Emergency Education Relief Scholarship (GEER) fund provides up to $750 or the cost of the program, whichever is more. If the cost is under $750, eligible students may still receive $750 and may use the excess funds as additional support while taking the course.

Students can receive the scholarship multiple times if they enroll in different programs (see list below). 

To qualify for GEER, a student must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a current North Carolina Resident;
  • Currently enrolled (or planning to enroll) in one of the programs listed below;  and
  • Students must comply with the attendance policy of the program/course.
  • Students may receive funding for multiple programs; however, they may only apply for one program at a time. Additional scholarships will not be granted without successful completion of previous programs that used the GEER grant.

Eligible Courses and Programs


Please email with questions or if you need further information.